Wheres Lesoprimus

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Jun 4, 2005
Orange County, CA
Hes got to be somewhere in this picture.


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Where were the cops? I saw this kind of stuff on the TV and it looked real bad down there. It is horrible what happend there and the fact that the US government was so slow and now they blame it on FEMA. It is all one big bulls*t.
whilst we're looking for people... where are me and CC in this pic??

p.s. check out the fake tan 3rd row up second from left, compare her to the pale chick behind her.........


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I don't know. But you have one ugly year. And most of the morons can't even stay looking forward for their picture.
You're year didn't get any better looking for the picture you paid for though.
Do I have to start correcting you on all your English mistakes, lanc? Because I will if you want to start that. I guess you and CC are not in the picture because you're both bumming in the toilets.
Well, I found u CC, but the Lanc is alittle tougher... He's one of the 2 first off....

What the fu*k is wrong witht he meatball in the white????

The chicks are, in my old eyes, the chicks u two should be banging... Not many hotties for u guys to choose from, but heres my expert opinion...

As for me, the teacher in the front is one bangin lookin piece o @ss..


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henk said:
Where were the cops?
Not in my neighborhood, and I have a Sherriffs officer living 2 houses down.... He did stand one or 2 watches during the mornings tho....
I saw this kind of stuff on the TV
What u saw was nothing Henk... Look at some of the pics Ive posted concerning Katrina and maybe u'll get a better grasp of it all....
It is horrible what happend there and the fact that the US government was so slow and now they blame it on FEMA. It is all one big bulls*t.
FEMA is the Federal Govt... They dropped the ball big time... As a matter of fact, the only ones who did the job right was the Army National Guard.... The saga with FEMA still continues... They are now denying families for grants and loans because the have a bad credit record.... Alot of people who lost everything cant rebuild because they didnt have flood insurance and the govt didnt give em sh*t.... Many MANY people are still rebuilding, 9 months later..... My house is still not finished from the storm...

Fu*k FEMA....
That sucks les and it looks really bad. Well that sucks that the government is not doing what it should for a first world country. To take a week to do anything is really bad.

This look like the flood we had in a town here when it rained a lot in the east of the country and the one river could not carry the load and then it let a mine sludge dam burst and that flooded the whole town during the night and many people died in their sleep. The mud were very high and the SADF reacted very fast and saved people and the government did help those people. I must say with floods, earth quakes and floods the SADF and the Government has reacted like they should, but we have never had something like this though.

Great pics les.
You got me les, but not lanc...and other than the first girl in the blue, you picked a load of complete sluts who I would never touch with a bargepole...

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