Which modern plane best matches its WW2 counterpart?

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May 25, 2005
Somewhere near nothing.
We all know that the A-10 was named after the P-47 (if you didn't you do now!), But which modern aircraft do you think is most like it's WW2 relative (not related).


F-15 Eagle - P-51 Mustang?

Both multirole, and main front line fighter of the US
That's a tough one. The majority of modern fighters are multi-role and all are missile armed, so this will take some thought from me. :-k
Most can pull off some impressive manoeuvres too.
I'd put F.6 Lightning and H.F. XIV Spitfire but the F.6 isn't modern!

My reasoning is simply, both remarkable short range interceptors.
I think the A-10/P-47 is a good comparison, but tough and good for ground attack.

How about the F-18 and the Corsair. Both good multirole airplanes that can kick ass in the sky and pound the crap out of ground targets.

Similarly, Hellcat and the Intruder. Interestingly one is the F6F and the other is an A-6.
I know this post is a little old, but I just came upon it.

What about the B-17/24 and the B-52? I know the Stratofort was developed only about 20 years after the first two, but they are similar.

Also, I'd agree on the two Thunderbolts. 8 .50's on one, huge-normous gun on the other... Both could take an assload of punishment and deal out much more.
I think A10-Warthog and IL-2 : designed for the same role, similar armament concept, extremely effective and scary if used in the right environment. We don't know (and will never know) if the A10 would have performed better than the IL2 against enemy fighters, but it is reasonable to assume that it would have been in troubles too.
Try these

F-16 - P-51 Smaller, single engine, cheaper but still capable
A-10 - P-47 Heavy weight ground bounders
F-15E - P-38L Twin engine multi-role
F-14 - Corsair Heavy duty multi-role carrier fighters
Lightning - Spitfire Great intercepters
C-130 - C-47 Workhorse transports
B-1 - B-29 Heavy weight advanced bombers
Tornado - Tempest Very good multi-role fighters


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