While we're on about unfortunate happenings to our property-

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Dec 26, 2003
:cry: :cry: :cry:

It was in a front pocket in my backpack, which was loaded with books, when my backpack fell off a desk onto the floor! :(

Hopefully getting a new one from Apple, though!

(Still functions as it should, but screen has gone to pot - backlight works, though)


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Speaking of iPods, who knows how to install em? I bought one off ebay the other day with my birthday money and everytime I plug it in the computer just crashes.
Was an incredible price from Ebay...£100 for the iPod, in car player and holder, 2 sets of headphones, headphone splitter, USB and Firewire cable and an FM radio car converter, musta been about £50-60 worth of free equipment with it...most are about £150 for just the iPod...the guy didnt send the instructions or box with it but I got it figured out now and is working...Im pretty pleased...

Scooter is postponed till Christmas :D

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