Why aren't there more women on this board?

Why aren't there more women on this board?

  • Women don't like all the cussing

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  • Women have a tendency to form their own Aviation boards

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  • Women find the males on here too young or too old or already taken

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  • Women don't have as much time to spend in boards talking stuff

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  • This poll is flawed

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Let's see now...I have a son and a daughter. We did everything together,
airshows, war movies, hunting seashells on the beach, you name it and my
son and daughter were always together with me. Both are now in the Navy.
My son in flight school, my daughter in language school. He loves airplanes
but she hates flying. Both are techno-geeks to some extent. I truly believe
that men like mechanical contrivances more than women.
Hussars.......from his profile quote? What about Udet?

I decided to vote that fewer women than men like aircraft. Not just military aircraft, probably even civilian aircraft. I can be generalization though, it's true, As you can see from the "Woman Pilots" thread, there are still some pretty ones out there, and many are as brave as the men pilots. Look at all those Soviet female combat pilots.

My guess is: Women like watching and maybe flying in planes better than discussing or arguing them with big men on the dangerous internet.
Probably several of the above answers are dead on. Think reason that women don't hang out here is:

1. They really don't care all that much about Airplanes, just a way to get from one place to another, preferable on vacation. Probably feel the same about most mechanical stuff (Cars, lawnmowers, ect). It is a convenience.

2. This place is the internet version of a bar, sans alcohol, that specializes in Aircraft and WW2. But with more access to pics and whatnot. In short, a clubhouse. Women are open to come, they just would rather not. Just doesn't interest them.
In my experience, women just aren't interested in mechanical things.I'm a car nut as well ,and we have the exact same discussions over there. I'm guessing it goes back to the caveman days, where the males would be doing the hands on tasks outside, and slightly later on would becomes the blacksmiths, potters, shoe makers etc in the village. Whilst today this has changed slightly, it is still unusual to find a female plumber, electrician, racing driver, mechanic and so on. The fact that the aircraft industry and military are almost enitrely male must have something to do with it as well.

Or they're all to busy playing with kittens and doing the dishes

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