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Apr 20, 2007
hey folks,

here's some of the model kits i've done and currently doing of Phil. Air Force (PAF) aircraft...

i've got a long line-up of vintage Phil. Army Air Corps (PAAC) aircraft as well still waiting to be built in the shelves...yes i'm guilty of being more of a "model collector" than a "model builder"...PAAC and PAF decals are also rare in the market so been experimenting on doing my own decals on these early projects too as commercially available aftermarket PAF decals are few and far between...

some finished projects to date;

1/72 Academy T-6G Texan in PAF colors
my first airplane kit after 20+ years...a real re-learning experience for me, also my first take on BMF/NMF painting techniques...don't you just love those bird-cage of the first PAF trainers after ww2...did a bit of modification on this project like...
> scratch-built dorsal teardrop antenna;
> articulated wing control surfaces;

1/72 Hasegawa T-34 Mentor in PAF colors
derived from a 1/72 Hasegawa T-3 Fuji Trainer kit...also one of the trainers used by the PAF before transitioning to jet trainer craft like the T-33 shooting star...modifications to convert this to a T-34 mentor were;
> conversion from a 3-prop to a 2-prop;
> deleted side engine intakes and modified the front engine cowling a bit;

1/72 Kitech L-20 Beaver in PAF colors
also known as a U-6 in other services...this aircraft was used by the PAF after the korean war from transport, medivac and even bombing missions...this kit was originally from a hobbycraft mold, but the plastic really needed much to be desired...

1/72 H-19 Italeri Chickasaw in PAF colors
my first helo kit...wanted to do something special for this project so i experimented on doing a folded rotor modification just to make it a little unique...this ex-korean war helo was used by the PAF in the 1950s for SAR (search and rescue) missions, until phased out by more modern helos with turbo-shaft engines like the hueys...
Very nice stuff......

Seems the break from modelling hasn;t hurt at all judging by the end products:D:D

I;ve seen that Texan at a local hobby store, looks the goods finished I may go grab it now.....:D

cheers heinz
Very nice stuff......

Seems the break from modelling hasn;t hurt at all judging by the end products:D:D

I;ve seen that Texan at a local hobby store, looks the goods finished I may go grab it now.....:D

cheers heinz

thanks heinz...

well actually, i did picked-up modelling again but more on mecha modelling about 3 years ago after giving it up after secondary school back in the's only last year (2006) that i got back into aircraft modelling again...

the academy kit is a simple but detailed kit, you'll really love it, and with all the color schemes that this plane had in it's history and service, you'll be spoilt for choice on how to make this bird more interesting...

maybe there were aussie texans/harvards back in ww2...
nah...i'm just doing what needs to be done to give justice to these aircraft models and their history...
Hey folks,

Pix click here...

Another PAF project, my first jet aircraft model kit project and as usual in Phil Air Force colors. This ex-korean fighter-interceptor served in the PAF from 1960 to 1968 with the 8th Fighter Interceptor Squadron for air defense functions. An aircraft that was designed to use the belly mounted 2.75-inch "Mighty Mouse" Folding Fin Aircraft Rockets (FFARs) system.

This unit is a replica of the one displayed at the PAF Museum Park at Villamor Air Base, Philippines.

Gunze "Mr. Metal" Aluminum and Alclad2 Aluminum was used as base colors for the NMF effect. Some experimentation on Gunze "Smoke" (light to medium layers) was used to create some varying hues of aluminum burnishing.

Decals are from Scalenutz, Wave, some homemade and the stencils came from the original kit's decals. Weathering was done using Gunze "Clear Orange and Clear Blue" and Daler-Rowney Oils diluted in lighter fluid for panel lines and streaking.

This was an excellent and easy kit to build OOB, recessed panel lines, detailed cockpit and good fitting parts too, the only gripe would be the fitting at the nose/intake section which was remedied with a bit of CA glue and careful re-scribing and sanding.

A polishing stick was used to smoothen the kit's surface after the initial 400 and 1000 grit sanding. Mr Hobby white Surfacer 1000 was used for primer and another round with the polishing stick to finish it off before the aluminum paint was sprayed on.

I'm still getting the hang of this NMF effects and experimenting on less painful ways to achieve this finish.

The canopy was dipped in Johnsons' Klear to have that added sheen.

Overall, i really enjoyed this build and I hope I did justice to this early fighter jet design.

As an option to doing this project, "Hi-Decals" came up with PAF decals for a 1/48 scale Sabredog which can still be ordered though the net.
Hey folks,

An aircraft kit long overdue for my PAF line-up project...

Completed pix click here...

This is my humble rendition of the PAF's North American F-86F Sabre jet fighter the first operational american jet fighter with swept back wings. This aircraft was hurriedly fielded in the korean war to fly against the Russian made MIG-15 fighter.

The PAF received this aircraft during the late 1950s, and was quickly put to use in an aerobatics team which was the "Blue Diamonds".

This project was from an old Revell kit which took a bit of work to be updated. Raised panels lines were sanded off and rescribed. All the decals were from scratch. Paints were Gunze Sangyo Mr. Metal and acrylics with a Mr Hobby 1000 primer base sanded smooth with 4400 and 1000 grit sandpaper and finished of with a buffing stick.

Different hues of NMF aluminum effect were achieved with the use of Gunze "Smoke" color and other clear colors.

Among the varied paint schemes that the PAF Sabres were rendered, I decided to do the color scheme for the personal mount of Capt. Florendo A. Aquino Jr. (Serial # 52-5473/ "ALOYAN III") with the 7th Tactical Fighter Squadron, circa 1957-1958. (Thanks to Tausugair's reference artwork...)

Actual aircraft pix click here...

A magazine cover featuring this PAF F-86F squadron...
Excellent work (if you call that work), Sure wish I had that focus. It hits me once in a while but my brain wanders all over the place. So much to do and so little time.

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