World Cup in Brazil?

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Apr 12, 2005
Washington State
Why would we all want to host the World Cup in Brazil when their security is compromised with crime like this and supposedly enforced with security teams with this ****** up modus operandi? Really? Spraying automatic weapons into streets with pedestrians, workers and homeowners? In the US, these dumbshits would go to jail along with the perpetrators. Unbelievable.

Brazilian police helicopter fires at suspected drug dealer
I bet there will be enough problems with Qatar that FIFA will pull out a year before the games and give them to someone else, who can stage the games of short notice.
Short notice, probably no one. There is too much planning and logistics. Plus all the fans that already have hotels and plane tickets. There is just too much involved. Not just the games, but the host cities themselves. That is why the host countries are announced so far out.

Just not possible.

The countries that could probably handle it on short notice best though are those that had it recently, or held a major sporting event recently.


But as I said not possible. I don't think there will be problems with Qatar. They have plenty of money. Brazil is the one I am worried about.
Apart from playing international football in 45 + degrees of heat to fit in with everyone's TV schedules :)



I hear that the entire British football league will have to shift to our summer to accommodate Qatar's desire to host the competition in their winter....:rolleyes:
Did I hear correctly that 1 Million! people protested the World Cup expenditures in over 100 cities in Brazil. Man o' man that does not bode well for that venue. I know I wouldn't participate with my family knowing that this might be a powder keg just waiting for a spark at any time. 'No thanks' from me on attending.
There are two sides to the World Cup in Brazil.
One, a global event enjoyed by millions
Two, the ugly underbelly of socal discontent

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