Worst plane in its indended role(s)

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Nov 25, 2004
that question makes sence right ?

anyway i'd say Fw-189 , it was made as a reconacence /ground support plane ad even concidered a bit of a night fighter :shock: ,

it was slow(not supriseing with two 465HP engines) , carried on a few bombs , and had two 7.92mm in the wing roots , so how they though it could be a night fighter .......
it also has two rear gunners , the tail cone gunner can shoot in almost anydirecton , but the top gunner doesn't really need to be there , alot of planes have gunners which arn't really going to do anything except slow the plane down ....


I wouldn't like to have been in the tail cone though , it must have been very Cold :(

here's a pic of what it looks like where the tailcone is (from inside)

Poor germen pilots, If they got hit from a flack cannon...........
Why did the germens constructed glass cockpits for theire bombers ?
Yeah its cheap and light wight, But it gives minimum protection for the bomber crew, But gave a large visiual range unlike allied bombers,
Wouldent like to be in thiere shoes.


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it alot of planes they seem to have alot of un-nessissairy gunner positions
How was it bad?

Observer planes need to be slow, that way they can OBSERVE accurately for the troops...

That's like saying the Fi-156 Storch was bad, those things were actually a bit hard to shoot down because of their speed which could cause the attacking fighter to stall!

It was also manoverable, a good feature to have...
Not Recce, OBSERVATION! ;)

They fly at low altitudes to spot troop and basic enemy movements on the front, where there is usually no place to develop and interpret photos...

They're basically sniper scouts that fly...
Recon plane needed to fly slow and low, Wich means thet you can tose a rock and bring the plane down,


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but the idea is that they see you about to throw the rock, they radio back to HQ telling them, and they send in and they get a rather large gun and blast you to hell..................
Or several very big guns and rain hell on the man throwing the rock and his whole division.
or they realise they have a gun and use that instead , maybe a gun that fires rocks :shock:

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