WW 2 airfields

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the old Sage
May 20, 2004
Platonic Sphere
curious as I received a mail from an English friend and researcher.........he visited Litte snoring and bodney several days ago. not a whole lot left of the old buildings.

the big question is any of our English freidns here have made visits the last 5 years to these historic places ? still some have the old stoves, fireouthouses and sheds and artwork placed on/in the walls - a photgraophers dream !!

thankx ! ♪
No I haven't but there's ex-RAF bases and WW2 airfields dotted all around this area. There's RAF Finningley and two [long gone] airfields in town itself.
Well, I suppose I could take pictures of the old RAF hangers in Finningley, it's fast becoming a bigger and bigger airport. I walk over one everytime I go to the cinema, there's nothing left there except the lines of the runway...not even all of it. Mustangs were based there and the other is where the racecourse was, there's absolutely nothing left of that.

There might be something left at Sandtoft but I doubt it.
the south west was a bit thin on airfeilds, Davidstow moor is the closest but it's just the runways left now, but it was the highest opperational airfeild in britain once............
I have been in Elvington,close to York, I think it was a halifax base, and you even can see a fantastic Halifax, and some interenting buildings, becouse is now a museum. I will be over there in 15 days again, and i will take some pictures to post...
Southend airfield has changed vastly since it's war time days the only thing left is a couple of pill boxes but then theres hundreds of them in my area.
Beni plkease do take pics ?

Track: whom was based at Southend ?

anyone been to Bodney or Little Snoring ?


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