WWII movies

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May 12, 2005
What do all of y'all think was the best WWII movie ever made?
Hey Nonskimmer I believe you that is a preety god movie probably one of the best ever.
I had a cousin who did some screenwriting for Hana Barbara productions about 20 years ago. He wanted to do a screenplay treatment for the story of Richard Bong and Thomas McGuire and call it "Flyboys." He was hoping that a Speilberg or Lucas would get a hold of the idea and run with it. But just think about this:

No Hollywood fake BS would be necessary, because their stories had the making of a writer's imagination.

1. Bong buzzed downtown San Francisco, Looped the Golden Gate bridge, and blew over a housewife's laundry. When caught, he had to re-do the lady's laundry.

2. McGuire walked out of a P-39 crash in Alaska

3. Bong's mentor and best friend Tom Lynch dies in front of his eyes

4. The Rivalry between Bong and McGuire

5. The sweetheart on the side of the airplane (Margie)

6. McGuire flies with Charles Lindbergh

7. McGuire invites Bong to fly with his unit anytime he wants (a reconciliation)

8. McGuire's death in combat helping a fellow pilot?

9. Bong dies the same day the first atomic bomb is dropped.

If that doesn't sound like a Hollywood script, I don't know what would!
cheddar cheese said:
FBJ, that sounds like it would make a great film! 8)

I can't believe no one has picked up on this! It has the making of a real script. Other stuff....

When Bong broke Eddie Richenbaker's WW1 record, general Kenney sent him a case of scotch. He sent it back, said he didn't drink and asked for a case of Coke. Does that sound like something from Disney or what!
I have Band of Brothers, Blackhawk Down and Full Metal Jacket on DVD.

The Blackhawk Down book is good. The movie incorporates several people into one character, so it's interesting to read about the different people and what really happened. They lost 5 Blackhawks, not 3. I know only two actually go down in the movie but one is damaged, in real life it was 5.
Also, in real life a Blackhawk comes down on to the street to bring in water and ammo...shame they missed that out of the movie, it would have been awesome 'cos it got chewed to pieces but survived.
Best WWII film for me is Band of Brothers or Thin Red Line (even though the title refers to the British Army in the 18th century rather than the USMC in the 20th! :lol:)

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