yak 9 photos

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Mar 16, 2005
Hi guys,

I am in a need of detailed yak 9 photos: ones of cockpit, gunsight, engine mounting, radiators and especially flaps.
Damn I thought I had more than this, sorry...

From the book "Soviet Combat Aircraft of the Second World War: Volume one - Single-Engined Fighters" by Yefim Gordon and Dmitri Khazanov


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Thanks CC.
This photo will be very helpful, but I am also looking for one of yak's flaps. I cannot find a good shot and tried almost everywhere :mad:
If you are able to make some REALLY detailed shots from il2, I would be very very very grateful.
THX for the link
Brunner said:
Thanks Flyboy.

What a strange canopy isn't it?

Taken from some training plane?

I believe those are UTIs built from original tooling and imported into the US. There are several flying around the US. I think the canopy is a modification and the engine is an Allison (like on a P-38 or P-40)
Thanks wildcat. They're great, especially the second one - it gives me some hints about the landing gear. :)
Does any of you, mates, have some photos or drawings (profiles) of yak 9 in German or Finnish markings (of course if there were any)?
The Jerries surely captured number of those planes, but I couldn't find any pics by myself :(

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