Yet another t-shirt thread

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Jun 15, 2005
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So many people have got too much time on their hands - like Lockheed, Mcdonnell-Douglas and the Royal Australian Air Force... so in light of their nit-picking, I am pondering another direction for my aircraft based t-shirts...

I'm ditching all the roundels and flags, and a may ditch text completely...

I'm filling out the area by using plan views - and drastically reducing the numbers overall.

I still have no idea what people like/want/will buy here so I'm going to be very cautious before committing to a big load of work drawing plan views, so opinions and feedback are most welcome. Love or hate the idea - text or no text, any kind of thought goes...


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Wish I could afford some more. I have three so far and like the layout. I have had some of the older fellas at airshows come up and ask me about the shirts. I give the the forum and your are work web address.
I love your work, waiting for a P-51B Mustang ( Shangri-La ) to find it's way to your com screen to place an order. Maybe with the noseart name on the back.........PLEASE.
Aha, thanks for the feedback :)

I should have been more specific:

Lockheed-Martin have contacted the t-shirt suppliers (Printfection) to demand removal of F-16s, F-22s, F-117s, T-33s for copyright reasons. This was done - there is no appeal, and no right to use your own work in this way if Lockheed thinks it breaches their conditions...

McDonnell-Douglas were more reasonable - they only said to stop using their name - so my Phantoms are just called 'F-4 Phantom' now not 'McDonnell-Douglas Phantom'

The Australian Air Force have swung into action against the other people I use (CafePress) and all my RAAF t-shirts are gone...

I was just gearing up to do a bunch of P-38s and B-17Gs but I don't know what to do now - Boeing I suspect will be just as harsh as Lockheed....

I don't know why they bother, you would think that they might have better things to do than stopping me earning a few dollars... :-x
Lockheed Martin has established ownership of the aircraft and vehicle names and weapon system designator trademarks for products manufactured by Lockheed Martin and by the companies acquired by or merged into Lockheed Martin, including Lockheed, Martin Marietta, and Convair, as well as for certain product lines purchased from General Dynamics and General Electric.

So no Delta Darts or Daggers, B-36s, F-111s, M1 tanks, Vultees, or Hustlers...

I also think Martin aircraft fall into this 'catch-all' so no Marylands, Maulers, or Baltimores either...
I am in touch with them directly now, and I also downloaded their license document which prohibits use of images and text on 'apparel' but not 'prints'

I have pointed out the originality of my work and suggested that if I removed 'Lockheed' and 'F-16' etc. then I should now be breaking their terms...


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No dice - they will not accept any form of depiction of any of their aircraft it would seem... :evil:

I have been asked if I want to apply for a license - so I might just do that, if only to see what horrendous fee they charge... :rolleyes:
OK, here's what I am going to do:

I will put a picture on here from time to time, that *might* be a t-shirt... ;)

Of course such things are not on sale, as that would not be allowed...

But if someone were to send me a message, they *might* get a private link to somewhere interesting.... ;)
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Some more randomness:


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