1. M

    Need help identifying the aircraft Bell P-39 Airacobra

    Good afternoon, my name is Maxim Vasilyevich, I am a member of the search group from Belarus. We are looking for dead soldiers of the Great Patriotic War on the territory of Belarus. We recently discovered the remains of a Soviet assembly that was shot down in 1944. The plane turned out to be a...
  2. v2

    Warsaw Rising: The Forgotten Soldiers of World War II

    View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7EvPXStuqlc
  3. Lucky13


    Pilot Lt Ford of the 36th FS 8th Fighter Group miraculously walks away from the crash landing of his P-38L Lightning, 20 December 1944...
  4. T Bolt

    **** DONE: 1/72 Typhoon Mk.Ib – Defence of Britain/Atlantic.

    245 (Northern Rhodesian) Squadron, RAF Holmesley South, June, 1944 Flown by Flight Officer W. Smith User Name: T Bolt Name: Glenn Category: Advanced Kit: Academy Hawker Typhoon Mk.Ib Scale: 1/72th Accessories: Xtradecal Decals From April 1944, 245 Squadron flying Typhoon Mk.Ib’s began...
  5. Snautzer01

    eBay: Gliders

    FFS A 41 Frankfurt/Oder, Grunau Baby "LC+.." AP Reppen 1944 Notice cart on wich the glider is placed.
  6. Marcel

    De Peel, traces of war

    De Peel is an area in the south-east of the Netherlands, on the border between Noord-Brabant en Limburg. Twice, the warmachine ran over this part of my country, first in May 1940 and later in 1944 during and after Market Garden. In 1940, the Peel-Raam line ran here. It was supposed to be a major...
  7. v2

    Warsaw Uprising 1944

    We Do Remember Them... World War 2: Warsaw Uprising 1944
  8. fubar57

    **** FINISHED: 1/48 METEOR F.1 - The Jet Age.

    User Name: fubar57 Name: George Category: Advanced Kit: Tamiya Accessories: None My subject of choice is the Meteor F.1 piloted by Canadian Flt. Off. J.R. Ritch, 616 Sqn., who, on 17 Aug. 1944, shot down a V-1. The six.... As always, I would like to thank those who...
  9. F-104nut

    1/48 1944 RAF Bodney

    RAF Bodney 1944 John C Meyer explaining his his move on taking out a Me109 1/48 Tamiya P-51 and figures from CMK :) Cheers Brian
  10. michaelmaltby

    Canadians in Holland ... 1944 and yesterday

    Love Affair
  11. Snautzer01

    Caproni Ca164

    GG+LL, A23 Kaufbeuren-Durach 1944. Rare picture
  12. Clave


    I don't think I posted these before...? The Heinkel He 177 was a 4-engined heavy bomber which entered service with the Luftwaffe in 1942. It had an interesting layout of double-engines driving a single propellor in each wing ‘pod’ which led to serious complications in the early development...
  13. le_steph40

    The A6M flown by Tetsuzo Iwamoto...???

    Hello, I would like to know if it’s possible now, early in 2015, to have some accurate and « definitive » information regarding A6M flown by Tetsuzo Iwamoto from late 1943 to early 1945. The things I found and which seem completely or partially established are : Partially established. - A6M5...
  14. Wildcat

    **** FINISHED: 1/48 Spitfire MkIX - Mediterranean Theater of Operations

    User Name: Wildcat Name : Andy Category : Intermediate Kit : Airfix Scale : 1/48 Accessories : Red Roo decals only Well here she is, Spitfire MkIX MA466 451 squadron RAAF, Corsica early 1944. Definitely not my best build but at least she looks like a Spitfire in a rather interesting...
  15. R

    Majuro Atoll aerial photo - aircraft present

    Hi, I'm a geologist doing some work in the Marshall Islands and have come across 2 vertical aerial photos of Majuro Atoll. One is dated 14 Dec 1944, the other is undated. I am nearly certain the undated photo pre-dates the December 1944 photo as there are a lot more structures present in the...
  16. Snautzer01

    Pilot trainer Glider 1944

    1944 Who can id the glider?
  17. v2

    Konrad's "Tale of the Airmen"

    Leap back in history with Konrad, and hear the tale of the ill-fated KG 939 and it's crew--shot down over Warsaw the night of Aug. 14/15, 1944... View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ChTFOuB4wA
  18. Marcel

    Aircraft active over soouth west Netherlands nov 1944 until januari 1945

    If I would like to know which units (Allied or German) with single engined aircraft were active over this region, west Brabant, south of Rotterdam, where would one start? Is it even doable? Timeframe is november 1944, december 1944, januari 1945.
  19. Snautzer01

    Captured Bf109G-6 WNr.166133 with american flag

    Bf109G-6 WNr.166133 "Rote 31" Capt. Constantin "Bazu" Cantacuzino, Grupul 9 vanatoare, San Giovanni, 27 August 1944 (Well known bird but this angel i havent seen before)
  20. Snautzer01

    Jabo Focke-Wulf Fw190. I. / Schlachtgeschwader 4. Russia 1944