1. Civettone

    high altitude bomber

    I am fascinated by the concept of the high altitude bomber. At first it seems a clear concept: a bomber so high it is difficult to shoot down by interceptors or anti-aircraft guns. The most famous one is probably the Junkers Ju 86 which was used in small numbers as a recon and as a bomber. But...
  2. flyus747

    USAAF 8th AF Bomb Grading Assessment

    How did the 8th AF grade their drops? What were the categories? A B C D? Very Accurate? Not Accurate?
  3. Todd Secrest

    WW2 Battle of Britain, how many bombers (or fighters) did the Hurricane shoot down, compared to the Spitfire?

    In the Battle of Britain, the Hurricane shot down about twice as many Nazi (german) aircraft, compared to the Spitfire. How many bombers (HE-111, Stuka, etc) did the Hurricane shoot down and how many bombers did the Spitfire shoot down? And how many German fighter were shoot down (Hurricane vs...
  4. Vahe Demirjian

    German Air Projects 1933-1945, Volume 3: Bombers

    There's a short book available for purchase at titled German Air Projects 1933-1945, Volume 3: Bombers. This book contains all German bomber designs of the Nazi era that either remained paper projects or reached the prototype stage but didn't go into production. Ironically, this...
  5. ODonovan

    351st BG(H) - Documentary Narrated By Clark Gable

    This new one was just put up by Zeno's Warbirds. I know it's not the 303rd (sorry, Bill), ;) but it's not bad. It covers the group from their Atlantic crossing well into the thick of the fighting. :salute: -Irish
  6. W

    Luftwaffe night harassment bombers

    Does anyone have any info about these units and their combat history? Also any idea why they didn't try to use obsolete French bombers like the LeO 20 or even 451? Even the MS.230 was the same as the Go 145 that made up the bulk of the night harassment squadrons (according to what limited info...
  7. P

    Mitchell's Nose Arts

    During World War II, the practice of customizing aircraft with drawings and pin ups reached the maximum creativity. I share with you some of the most curious nose arts created by the crews of B-25 Mitchell bombers. To see them, visit the link below: Aviação em Floripa: B-25 Mitchell e...
  8. S

    Goering and close escort

    Has anyone got any evidence to support the often repeated contention that it was Goering that ordered the Bf 109s of the various Jagdgeschwader on the Channel front to fly close escort for the bombers during what we Brits call the BoB? I can find evidence that he was concerned about mounting...
  9. Njaco

    Assembly Aircraft of WWII

    In WWII, The 8th USAAF solved the problem of assembling multiple bomber groups for formation under radio silence by using war weary B-24s and sometimes B-17s either garishly painted, or lit as flying assembly points. The reason for the assembly ships was to give USAAF bombers a visual aid to...
  10. M

    Identifying bombers

    So... - ??? - ??? - ??? - B-17 - B-29 - B-36 Just curious, what are the top three? Thank
  11. gjs238

    US Medium Bombers: Flak and Interceptors

    If B-17's and B-24's needed altitude to mitigate flak and interceptors, then why weren't the medium bombers devastated?
  12. tomo pauk

    Fast bombers again

    My favorite flavor of the bombers :) How real were they an asset (if a country had them), were they neglected or maybe too much emphasized, what were the options if a country wanted them. How to forestall the attack undertaken by fast bombers, how well they performed against an opponent with...
  13. W

    What was better, the A-26 or Ju88?

    Having looked at the specs of the two medium bombers, which was better the A-26 or Ju88? Douglas A-26 Invader - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Junkers Ju 88 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  14. D

    Wheels down ready to land! BBMFs PA474 CWHMs KB726 Lancaster bombers

  15. W

    1941: Top 3 Axis Level Bombers

    So which were the best bombardment aircraft of the axis, not including dive bombers and torpedo bombers, or other speciality type bombers, in 1941? The number of types from which to choose is more restricted than for Allied types I suspect.
  16. W

    1941: Top 3 Allied Bombers

    A companion thread to Tomo's fighter thread. Which 3 bombers were the best available (in production and service/combat) for the Allies in 1941. They could be light, medium, heavy, strategic, tactical, torpedo or dive bomber. Or any other category of bomber I have missed.
  17. tomo pauk

    On German bombers

    Deep in the shade that the LW fighters non-intentionally created, the LW bombers reside. How good they were? The missed opportunities? Claims that became 'facts' after years, if not decades of repeating? To start the ball rolling, here is the excerpt from the He-177 A-3 manual (open the pic...
  18. Bootch

    Japanese carirer-borne and land based bombers, reserching and questions

    Good day, Ladies and Gentlemen!!!))) I encountered a number of questions in the construction of models of Japanese bombers B6N2 Jill in 48 scale. Start in order: 1. Quantity of fuel tanks in the aircraft. I'll try to explain the history of question. In book "Mechanic of World Aircraft...
  19. M

    Hello all - Newbie here.

    Boy, I sure wish that I had found this forum when I was doing research on my book! :oops: Nevertheless, I'm sure it will be a great help with the next one. I'm looking forward to learning more about German heavy lift bombers from you guys. :) Can one of the admins please contact me about...
  20. E

    Give your thoughs about the aircraft tech tree of this strategy game

    Hearts of Iron IV - Developer Diary 9 - Vacation and Air tech US tech tree German tech tree I'm a big fan of this WWII strategy game (which is still in pr-alpha). I'd like to hear what you guys think of the air tehcnology aspect of it. The six columns are different classes of aircraft...