1. Dronescapes

    Avro Lancaster memories. The remarkable British WWII Bomber remembered By Veterans

    Avro Lancaster memories. The remarkable British WWII Bomber remembered By Veterans.
  2. M

    Britain WWII AA Gun Radar Public manuals - operator and maintenance manuals government public FREE released

    Britain AA-3 Gun Radar Public manual - operator and maintenance manuals government public released. Frequency 2.750–2.855 GHz PRF 420 Beamwidth ~8 degrees Range 32,000 yards maximum, 27,000 yards against a light bomber Precision ±25 yards, ±1/6th degree at 32,000 yards This document was...
  3. pops-paolo

    Planes over el alamein

    I know the basic fighters like the BF109, Macchi, P-40, Hurricane, and Spitfire but which specific types were there? For example where any G-2 Trops there or was it just F-4's If anyone has info that would be cool cause Wikipedia doesn't say anything about the production of the G-2 tropical or...
  4. pops-paolo

    What your Favorite LATE WAR prop fighter says about you

    I love Italian planes to the point of death but Brodie i ain't gonna lie the British planes were insane. If you like the Spitfire Mk.14 probably, the best, plane like you are respectable if you like that plane Next is the TA-152 if you like this plane you got to go, you gotta go you are a...
  5. Lucky13

    Junkers Ju 87B-1, when and where....?

    Found a couple Junkers Ju 87B-1 in Norway....Question is, was there any still in use during the Battle of Britain?
  6. destrozas

    **** DONE: 1/72 Spitfire MK.IA - Defense of Britain/Atlantic.

    Username: destrozas First name: Sergio Category: intermeadilly Scale: 1/72 Manufacturer: Airfix #A1071A Model Type: supermarine spitfire MK IA accesory: none profile The plane Spitfire MK IA the Nº92 sqn X4561 based on Pembrey, Wales during August 1940 and Manson, kent during...
  7. v2

    Polish pilot's Battle of Britain uniform.

    Marek Stefanicki, Polish Air Force reenactor and grandson of a Polish WWII airman, describes the features of a Polish pilot's Battle of Britain uniform. View:
  8. gjs238

    P-39 vs P-40

    In the Which aircraft would you cancel? thread there was some support of the P-39. So why was the P-39 so favored in USSR, yet the P-40 so favored by the US, Britain, etc?
  9. W

    Technical developments of a Luftwaffe vs. VVS only war

    Assuming a scenario were the European Axis fought the Soviets alone, say something like Churchill dying pre-war or early on before be becomes PM so Halifax cuts a deal after the Fall of France. So Germany is at peace with everyone and able to trade with the world, plus of course extract...
  10. Airframes

    Messerschmitt Bf109E coming to the UK !

    An announcement in the January 2015 edition of 'Fly Past' magazine confirms that Platinum Fighter Sales have sold the former Russel Group (Canada) Bf109-E4, Wk Nr3579 'White 14', to an anonymous buyer, and that it will be coming to the UK. Sad news for Canadian and US fans, but great news for...
  11. Njaco

    "Battle Of Britain" movie planes for Sale

    Anybody seen this? Platinum Fighter Sales | Warbird and Classic Aircraft For Sale
  12. Two_Graces


    Title: Two Graces Year Created: 2007 Medium: Oil on board Size Width: 72 cm Size Height: 91 cm Size Depth: 0.5cm Theme: Aviation Price: Request Price Description: Two mk 5 Spifires on patrol over the channel. Always wanted to have a crack at painting these difficult shapes.
  13. Bf 109E signed by Adolf Galland

    Bf 109E signed by Adolf Galland

    Old release
  14. Alone at 20000 feet

    Alone at 20000 feet

    The original of this my very first aviation has been sold. I tried to get the feel of what it was like to be in the situation suggested by the title. The unusual shape of the canvas really added somehting.
  15. Skimming


    Although the original has been sold I have uploaded this as an example of how little subject matter you can have to still make an exciting painting. Imagine (as I did) I was a young boy standing on a dune watching these two come towards me!
  16. Dangerous Pursuit

    Dangerous Pursuit

    A photo of an oil on canvas on two ME109s being pursued at a dangerously low level by ywo RAF Spitfires. It may not have been sensioble or possible to fly this low, but I claim artists licence.