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May 25, 2021
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I know the basic fighters like the BF109, Macchi, P-40, Hurricane, and Spitfire but which specific types were there? For example where any G-2 Trops there or was it just F-4's
If anyone has info that would be cool cause Wikipedia doesn't say anything about the production of the G-2 tropical or its first operational use.
my great grandfather was a sapper at el alamein and tobruk. as far as i know our airforce also operated some gladiators up there but not sure on the specifics
yeah they also use spitfires Vc's like i guess that helps but i need bf 109s
yeah they also use spitfires Vc's like i guess that helps but i need bf 109s



the source: Kagero site ...
I recall reading that there were a few in the Med at one point, but it seems that the Minesweeping in the channel and Baltic was a higher priority, plus the Kreigsmarine didn't have a large enough presence in the Mediterranean to warrant a large minesweeping effort.

Years ago, I did a thread on degaussing aircraft, so there are good details on the aircraft used, including the Wellington:
Minesweeping Aircraft
Hi Milos,

Yes, there were Ju 52 mine-sweeping aircraft operating from various locations in the Mediterranean in 1942 and 1943. In early February 1943 there were seven under Luftflotte 3 (France), ten under Lw.Befh.Mitte (Jever, Danzig and Kopenhagen), eight in the Mediterranean, and two under Luftflotte 4 (Black Sea). Adam Thompson and I have done a fair bit of research on the Ju 52 Mausi units, and hope to some day (probably many years away) produce a book or article on the subject.

Andrew A.
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