1. D

    Part of aircraft washed up on Sicilian coastline...

    Today I found this aircraft part on the Sicilian coastline precisely here: 38.16727872171935, 12.768899395479409 (Open in Google) It appears to be part of an aircraft's fuselage that's been washed up. Can anyone identify the aircraft? Many thanks.
  2. pops-paolo


    Guys I'm leaving for Italy on Tuesday ill be back on August 20th I know and visited one cool air museum nearby Padova in Italy before but does anyone have other cool aircraft places they know for me to try and visit this year
  3. pops-paolo

    Planes over el alamein

    I know the basic fighters like the BF109, Macchi, P-40, Hurricane, and Spitfire but which specific types were there? For example where any G-2 Trops there or was it just F-4's If anyone has info that would be cool cause Wikipedia doesn't say anything about the production of the G-2 tropical or...
  4. pops-paolo

    What your Favorite LATE WAR prop fighter says about you

    I love Italian planes to the point of death but Brodie i ain't gonna lie the British planes were insane. If you like the Spitfire Mk.14 probably, the best, plane like you are respectable if you like that plane Next is the TA-152 if you like this plane you got to go, you gotta go you are a...
  5. pops-paolo

    Macchi C.205 Vs. A6M5

    I think the Macchi is better since it was much faster had a much better armament with more ammo (compared to the original a6m5, not its variants which had even worse flight performance). It has a Competitive (not better) climb rate and turns time compared to the a6m5 but the Macchi has a...
  6. pops-paolo

    Why does the Breda 88 get shit on so much

    Everything I read talks about how garbage the Breda 88 was from commando supermo to Wikipedia. The war thunder wiki gets in the fun even saying the sm79 would be a better attacker. But when I used it in-game (I don't play arcade I play simulator or realistic) it's not terrible and I have a lot...
  7. pops-paolo

    If italy Joined the allies World War 2

    I think if Italy were to stand up to Germany with Britain and France they would have won. Here is the historical scenario: The allies hold back and wait for Poland to fall. Germany has to now cover both France and Italy. Here Hitler has two options Italy first or France First because I could no...
  8. Luftace43

    1/72 ProModeller B-17G "2nd Patches"

    This will be my next project. I plan to build this as "2nd Patches" a B-17G-DL-30 426th BS, 99th BG, 15th AF, USAAF. Shown is the kit I will be building along with references I have at hand. I have decals on the way as well. Though there are at least 3 pictures of this aircraft that I know of...
  9. tricci

    How to:.....

    How to enter my models into this organization competition?...........or is it a competition or recognition of skill? Tom
  10. al49

    Focke Wulf 190F-8 in Italy

    Does anybody have pictures of Fw 190F-8 based in Italy in 1943-45? Many thanks in advance Alberto
  11. Snautzer01

    Cant Z.1007

    Captured, here at Vicenza Italy
  12. wtuckergoodwin

    Kindle edition of "Last Roll Call" now available at Amazon

    [ATTACH=full]269543 The story of a B-17 tailgunner with the 15th AF out of Italy. Hardcopy has been out for a couple of years and has sold over 5,000 copies. A simple read appropriate for middle school through adult. Not recommended for the hard core researchers. Rather a tribute to one man's...
  13. R

    23rd January 1945

    Hello Is there anyone out there who can point me in the direction of finding a report or reports relating to an aircraft incident somewhere around 23rd January 1945 that involved the deaths of Robert Bernays John Dermot Campbell, both UK MPs. They died in a plane crash in the Adriatic Sea in...
  14. Civettone

    Info needed on Italian-German co-operation in armaments

    Hi guys I posted this on the aviation sub-forum, but I think it is better to ask here. would any of you have some info concerning German-Italian cooperation in armaments design/production ? We all know how the Italians licence produceded German DB's and how they purchased Mauser...
  15. Civettone

    Info needed on Italian-German co-operation in aircraft design/production/acquisition

    Hi guys would any of you have some info concerning German-Italian cooperation in aircraft design/production ? We all know how the Italians licence produceded German DB's and how they purchased Mauser cannons and a number of Stukas and 109s. But is there more? What about German technology...
  16. 279 Squadriglia Aerosiluranti

    279 Squadriglia Aerosiluranti

    SM.79 Torpedo Bomber Unit
  17. Oggie2620

    The True Glory

    A friend on another forum steered me to this DVD which is available cheaply (ex The Daily Telegraph). The blurb on the back says it is widely regarded as one of the greatest war documentaries ever made 8) and I enjoyed watching it as the main thrust is that it was the people at the bottom who...
  18. wtuckergoodwin

    New book out "Last Roll Call"

    It was an honor to co-author, with my 84 year old father Kenneth Tucker, his story of his experiences as a B-17 tail gunner with the 15th AF out of Italy. The book was self published and released in Nov '09 to great sales and wonderful reviews. It's a quick, easy read with lots of personal...
  19. al49

    Macchi C 200 w.i.p.

    Hi everybody, a few months ago I stared assembling the 1:32 scale kit, released by Pacific Coast Models, for Macchi C 200 fighter. Besides her low performance and insufficient armament, the C 200 was the main fighter of Regia Aeronautica in WW2 until the better Macchi C 202 became available...
  20. al49

    Hispano 20 mm Cannon

    Hi everybody, this is my first post on this forum, so firstly I briefly introduce myself. I'm Italian and live in Milan. I’m sixty and I retired from business two years ago, so now I some time to dedicate to my hobbies. My interest is in history and WW2 aviation (mostly). My most recent...