If italy Joined the allies World War 2

Would the allies have been succesful if italy had joined them

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May 25, 2021
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I think if Italy were to stand up to Germany with Britain and France they would have won. Here is the historical scenario:
The allies hold back and wait for Poland to fall. Germany has to now cover both France and Italy. Here Hitler has two options Italy first or France First because I could no possibly imagine a 1939 Germany with a front from the Netherlands to Italy
With Italy first Hitler had 2 options either
  1. concentrate and break through the alps (remember Italy gained a lot of the alps after ww2 so it would be much more difficult than ww1) or...
  2. Invade Yugoslavia to go around Italy mountain defenses
With France first, Hitler would do the same as in 1940 but will have fewer forces as some must get to Italy/Yugoslavia
Technology-wise everything would be the same.
  • All of the Italian planes with german engines and 20 mm mg 151s would just be fitted with British ones (like Hispanos)
  • according to Wikipedia "When the Merlin engine was removed it was discovered that the fuselage cross-section was virtually identical to that of the engine nacelle of a Messerschmitt Bf 110G. Consequently, a new engine support structure was built onto the Spitfire's fuselage and the DB 605 engine and cowling panels added. A propeller unit and supercharger air intake from a Bf 109 G completed the installation".
  • All of the Italian arms, tanks, and navy would be the same
  • Plus now Italy does not need to worry about supplies issues AS MUCH since they are fighting in their own country (still in the mountains) and don't need to worry about the royal navy
Now if France would be under pressure Italy would be able to mount an offensive into Austria in the same manner as the Brusilov offensive during WW1 and vice versa with Italy under pressure.
Plus Germany would not have the resources to invade Norway.

And eventually, America would join the war anyways and Germany would just collapse because America can just out-produce everyone
Is this a historically accurate alt-history series of events?
Why wait until Poland falls?
Attack Germany while they're distracted by Poland's still resistance, leaving their back and flanks undefended.
Force the Germans and Soviets (Germany's ally at the time) to an armistice.

WWII in Europe never starts.
Ever heard of the phony war?
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