1. P

    Shot down 1945 (44?) US Fighter Plane near Elsdorf Germany, Wheel found

    Hi! I live west of Cologne in Germany. My dad found a tire in the woods a long time ago that is said to be from a US shootdown. I'm also a private pilot, but this is too specific. Here P38s have been shot down, but it could also be another plane. It was 1944 or 1945. Düren is very close by...
  2. E

    Japanese schräge musik

    Both Germany and Japan came to use a similar solution for their nightfighters: obliquely mounted cannons. As far as I'm able to find, both came roughly at the same time (1943, japanese slightly latter) but I do not come across any source that stated that there was any knowledge transfer between...
  3. G

    Mammut Radar - German 1943-45

    Hi all, Hoping someone can help with some questions on the German/Luftwaffe Mammut radar. 1) Can anyone please confirm that there would be ONE Mammut radar at any one site, as opposed to a cluster of Mammut radar? All pictures I've managed to find suggest they would be singular, but wanting...
  4. I

    Bf-110C wing radiator armor. There or not

    Hello! As my first thread and post on this website, I wanted to ask if anyone knows if the two armor plates below/above the radiator set on the wings were present on the Bf-110C or appeared in a previous version. I swear those were present previously for the C4 (on the game war thunder when it...
  5. pops-paolo

    Planes over el alamein

    I know the basic fighters like the BF109, Macchi, P-40, Hurricane, and Spitfire but which specific types were there? For example where any G-2 Trops there or was it just F-4's If anyone has info that would be cool cause Wikipedia doesn't say anything about the production of the G-2 tropical or...
  6. pops-paolo

    What your Favorite LATE WAR prop fighter says about you

    I love Italian planes to the point of death but Brodie i ain't gonna lie the British planes were insane. If you like the Spitfire Mk.14 probably, the best, plane like you are respectable if you like that plane Next is the TA-152 if you like this plane you got to go, you gotta go you are a...
  7. Vahe Demirjian

    Mannesmann-Poll Triplane

    While the Zeppelin-Staaken R-series bombers were the biggest bomber aircraft of World War I, with wingspans approaching that of the B-29 Superfortress, there was a colossal German triplane under construction by the time of the Armistice, the Mannesmann-Poll triplane. It would have dropped...
  8. W

    Airwar over France with no Operation Torch, instead 1943 invasion of France

    What would a force on force airwar over France in 1943 look like had there been no Operation Torch and therefore Tunisian/Sicily/Italy campaign, but instead the US and UK saving up forces to invade France in 1943 like in Operation Roundup...
  9. Thorlifter

    The Man in the High Castle

    Any of you guys watching this? Pretty good so far and it's getting very high praise from critics. It's an alternate history if Germany won the war, which V-A day was 1952. The US is divided between the Japanese on the west coast and German occupation on the east. Time is early 1960's View...
  10. fam43

    PzKw IV 1.35 Italeri

    Well I think it's time for a bit heavy metal. Late in the 70-ties I bought some Italeri PzKw IV modelkits for an apple and an egg, as we say in Germany. Really I built two tanks but I will describe only one in detail. I bought an engine and a transmition from the after market. The...
  11. T Bolt

    **** FINISHED: 1/48 Republic F-84E Thunderjet – The Jet Age.

    36th Fighter/Bomber Wing, Furstenfieldbruck, Germany 1950-53. User Name: T Bolt Name: Glenn Category: Advanced Kit: Revell F-84E Thunderjet Scale: 1/48th Accessories: SuperScale Decals This Jet was the personal mount of Col. Robert L. Scott when he was the commanding officer of the 36th...
  12. T Bolt

    **** DONE: 1/48 Republic F-84E Thunderjet – The Jet Age.

    Col. Robert L. Scott, C.O. 36th Fighter/Bomber Wing, Furstenfieldbruck, Germany 1950-53. User Name: T Bolt Name: Glenn Category: Advanced Kit: Revell F-84E Thunderjet Scale: 1/48th Accessories: SuperScale Decals This Jet was the personal mount of Col. Robert L. Scott when he was the commanding...
  13. W

    Franco-British vs. USSR in 1942

    Supposing a wildly implausible situation in which Germany is stymied in 1940 leading to their defeat in 1941, what would a Franco-British war against the USSR in 1941/42 have looked like in the air as they fight over control of Central Europe? The scenario, for those interested would be...
  14. W

    Technical developments of a Luftwaffe vs. VVS only war

    Assuming a scenario were the European Axis fought the Soviets alone, say something like Churchill dying pre-war or early on before be becomes PM so Halifax cuts a deal after the Fall of France. So Germany is at peace with everyone and able to trade with the world, plus of course extract...
  15. J

    What if the eastern front closed down in spring 43?

    A couple of threads right now discuss the consequences of ww2 not having happened, at least at the historical time. The problem, in my opinion, is that it is impossible to Guess what would have happened after september 39. The argument that the Germany couldn't have launched the war in, say, 45...
  16. davebender

    Amateurs study aircraft design. Professionals study oil production.

    Oil shale in Estonia - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia 1938 Estonia produced 181,000 tons of shale oil. German firms were the largest producers. 1980 Estonia produced 31 million tons of shale oil. Appears to me 1930s Germany missed a great opportunity to solve their oil shortage. Offer...
  17. E

    Visiting Cologne Germany... recommendations?

    Greetings, Will be in Cologne Germany next month (April 2015). Are there any must-see's in the aviation (or even general history) vein nearby? Would appreciate any and all opinions! Jon
  18. syscom3

    70 years ago tomorrow, the bridge at Remagen was taken

    Tomorrow (March 7th) marks the 70th anniversary of the seizure of the bridge at Remagen, Germany. A lucky coup for Gen. Hodges 1st Army. With allied forces using the bridge to cross the Rhine, the end game began for Germany. Battle of Remagen - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  19. B

    American aircraft shot down in Germany

    Hello, I come from Germany and I am interested in the history of my town. I know a place where an American plane is crashed. It was on the end of the World War II. I could find many parts on this place. The pilots are probably all died and were buried in a small cemetery near me. After the...
  20. Snautzer01

    Airplane id

    On ebay Original Snapshot Photo Gi in Cockpit Crashed German Aircraft Germany 1945 | eBay Caption Original Snapshot Photo GI in Cockpit CRASHED GERMAN AIRCRAFT Germany 1945 I thinks it a soviet plane