**** DONE: 1/48 Republic F-84E Thunderjet – The Jet Age.

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T Bolt

Mar 24, 2010
Chicago, Illinois
Col. Robert L. Scott, C.O. 36th Fighter/Bomber Wing, Furstenfieldbruck, Germany 1950-53.

User Name: T Bolt
Name: Glenn
Category: Advanced
Kit: Revell F-84E Thunderjet
Scale: 1/48th
Accessories: SuperScale Decals

This Jet was the personal mount of Col. Robert L. Scott when he was the commanding officer of the 36th Fighter/Bomber Wing at Furstenfieldbruck, Germany 1950-53. Col. Scott is better known for his adventures in China flying alongside the Flying Tigers, then commanding the 23rd Fighter Group under Gen. Clare Chennault after the AVG contract with the Chinese government was over.
At Furstenfieldbruck, Scott was on the front lines of the Cold War, the base being seven air minutes from East Germany. Scott set a record in this aircraft, F-84E 49-2299, by flying 1000 hours in 1952, which was an amazing feat considering all the problems with the J65 engine.
I currently have Col. Scotts P-40K on the shelf in an unfinished state and hope to complete it while I work on this one. I will start work once I finish up the P-51H from the last Group Build.

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I've got two of the E and seven ProModeler G and one of the later release G, build three of them. I love this kit. You will do more then justice.
I've been reading reviews and it sounds like a wonderful kit. Even better than the Tamiya F-84G. Not really looking forward to another NMF so soon after the last one, but they do look good when finished.
I did this one several years ago when the kit first came out. I have both the Tamiya and the Revell selections and far prefer the Revell. The major draw back to the Revell is the decals, they are for a better word "CRAP". When they hit water they crack into a million pieces. and the decals are very large in some cases so I just don't use them all that much. I figure if it's Revell F-84, it requires aftermarket. I did not due this the justice I know you will. I used Testors Metalizers for the paint, (I's a poor boy and Alclad's is for the Rich man.) and the super scale decales. If you need anything (extra decals etc...) let me know.


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Here's a picture of Col. Scott from his time at Furstenfieldbruck along with a rather blurry picture of the aircraft and some various profiles.
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In the top right photo, the tail stripes seem to match the blue of the star and bar or just a tad lighter.

Now that you mention it, the stripes do seem a bit lighter but they are the same shade of blue on the SuperScale decal sheet. The star and bars on the kits decal sheet are a darker blue so if I use them it might look better.
Looking back I realized I never posted pictures of the kit so here they are (minus the seat parts which I already removed from the sprue.

I am surprisingly pleased with the quality of the molding in this kit. I guess I'm just use to the Revell/Monogram Century series jet kits. It looks just as good at a Tamiya kit and the clear parts are really nice. you get an early style unframed canopy along with the later style framed one that was retrofitted to most of the F-84E's including this one. I thought I was going to have to steel one from my Tamiya F-84G



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Started work on it yesterday. Assembled the seat and added some bits of lead to the hollow space on the nose gear bay assembly. It looks like there will be enough space on top of this insert but you never can tell and every little bit helps. Also glued the two side fuselage panels in. Not a bad fit but care was needed so every thing was flush. These are not access panels, they are there only so the same fuselage parts can be used for the F-84E and the F-84G due to the G model having an intake in that location.

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