American aircraft shot down in Germany

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Feb 9, 2015

I come from Germany and I am interested in the history of my town.
I know a place where an American plane is crashed. It was on the end of the World War II.
I could find many parts on this place. The pilots are probably all died and were buried in a small cemetery near me.
After the war, the soldiers were reburied by the americans.

we can now bring a bit of the soldiers in experience ? or exactly what it was for an aircraft?

sorry for my bad english....


sorry, here are the Place !
Deutschland , Sachsen Anhalt,



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Here is an interesting item that i have fount on the Place.

I think this is from the airplane.

How can I upload more images?



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Here is an interesting item that i have fount on the Place.

I think this is from the airplane.

How can I upload more images?


That looks like part of am E6B Flight Computer.

E6B - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

They are still used today, mostly in training.

I have one in my flight bag right now and use it for all my flight planning.
You can just type in the co-ordinates. As for pictures, make sure they are no bigger than 800 pixels wide and have them available on your hard drive. In the Quick Reply toolbar, click on the picture icon just to the left of the one that looks like a movie film. You will see a "Insert Image" window. Click on "Select Files" then browse to where you have stored the pictures. Select as many as you wish to post, then click on "Open". You should be back in the "Insert Image" window now. Click on "Upload Files" and you should see them insert in your text.
Koordinaten : 52°51'17.58" N 11°37'00.17" O

Screenshot 2015-02-10 00.52.24.jpg
The time and date fit with the claims made by various elements of JG 7 for B-17s and some P-51s.

This was a full strength attack on Berlin by 1,184 bombers of the 8th AF. All the units which engaged the Americans were flying Me 262s. All the B-17s were claimed in an area to the West of Berlin, which is in the correct area.
Someone with more data from the USAAF side might be able to narrow down your particular loss, any of the crew's names would be an enormous help. I can give you the names of the Luftwaffe pilots who made claims for bombers (all B-17s) at the right time and place.

Oblt. Gunther Wegmann of 9./JG 7 claimed two B-17s

Ofw. Walter Windisch of 9./JG 7 claimed two B-17s

Ofhr. Gunther Ullrich of 9./JG 7 claimed two B-17s

Fhr. Friedrich Ehrig of 9./JG 7 claimed two B-17s

Ltn. Karl Schnorrer of 9./JG 7 claimed two B-17s

Oblt. Karlheinz Seeler of 9./JG 7 claimed a B-17

Maj. Theodor Weissenberger of Stab/JG 7 claimed three B-17s.

Lt. Rudolph Rademacher of 11./JG 7 claimed a B-17

Ofw. August Lubking of III./JG 7 claimed a B-17

Ltn. Gustav Sturm of III./JG 7 claimed a B-17.

There are seventeen B-17s claimed and in fact thirteen were lost. Yours is one of those thirteen.

Most of the combats took place on a line extending from Berlin through Rathenow and to the West, so the B-17 that came down near you managed to fly on a short distance before crashing.


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@stona , Thank you for the Information. This helps me a lot.
Today I spoke with a man who saw the crash. He told me the 4 crew members were dead.
And 5 were captured by the Volkssturm in Losse.
The plane is broken above the clouds in 2 parts.

The airplane parts were buried in the bomb funnels.



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