1. Dronescapes

    Hawker Hurricane. Rolls-Royce Merlin Powered Fighter Aircraft. Things You Might Not Know

    Hawker Hurricane. Rolls-Royce Merlin Powered Fighter Aircraft. Things You Might Not Know
  2. Dronescapes

    Genius Of The Jet. The Invention Of The turbojet: Frank Whittle. Historical Lost Interviews

    Genius Of The Jet. The Invention Of The turbojet: Frank Whittle. Historical Lost Interviews (PART 1)
  3. Dronescapes

    English Electric Lightning, The British Cold War Supersonic Interceptor And Jet Fighter

    English Electric Lightning, The British Cold War Supersonic Interceptor And Jet Fighter
  4. fastmongrel

    British and US WWII Infa Red equipment

    Thought I would post some pdfs and images that have been on my hard drive for a while covering Allied WWII infa red equipment. The Nazi Fanbois would have us believe that the master race was the only one who could design build and use advanced tech but thats a load of Bull manure. The Allies...
  5. Marcel

    Thalys 'shooting'

    I was surprised that no-one wrote about this on the forum. But Googling, I didn't find an English news message either. Two US soldiers, an American student and supposedly a British buisinessman saved us from another tragedy on the Thalys from Amsterdam to Paris. They saw a man walking with...
  6. J

    Final attack on Tirpitz and then some

    I started working on this thread a while ago, while the discussion on the He 177 strayed into Norwegian waters, but it’s not supposed to take sides in that discussion. In any event lack of time and troubles uploading took a long time. It's principally based on Asmussen, John and Åkra, Kjetil...
  7. S

    British Vs American wasted aircraft, maybe.

    A big deal is made of a number of British aircraft, that while designed for combat would up as trainers. The US had the luxury of not only starting later but having an industry large enough (or of being capable of expanding enough) to build thousands (if not 10s of thousands) of trainers...
  8. W

    US jet engine development without WW2?

    If there was not a WW2, say Hitler dies of a heart attack or something like that pre-1939, how long would it take the US to develop jet engines without British assistance? They were pretty behind compared to the Europeans and needed British developments to jump start their own program in 1943.
  9. nuuumannn

    Martin 167 Maryland found.

    In the June issue of Aeroplane Monthly is a piece on the discovery of a virtually complete Maryland in a desert setting. Can't find any more than what's written in the article. Here's a link to the magazine's website with a rather cursory mention of the find. Aeroplane Monthly History in...
  10. Shinpachi

    Royal Baby Born!

    Many congrats British and Commonwealth members :smile:
  11. bobbysocks

    proper tools for the restoration of old british roadsters

    years ago when i owned an auto parts store i came across this. one of my customers was a triumph, mg, mini dealer. they all used cutting edge lucas electrical systems. being from the colonies we were not accustomed to such high tech systems. once the dealer let me in on the trade secret all...
  12. O

    What was the british bomber lost april/may 1943 Baltic Sea?

    What was the british bomber lost in end of april/ beginning of may 1943 off Leba, Pommern, Baltic Sea? The plane was involved in mining operation on Baltic Sea.After shut down by Germans, they try to salvage the bomber, but one of the the mine that was still inside the plane exploded and sank...
  13. Snautzer01

    eBay: Messerschmitt Me262

    WNr.112372, yellow 7 of I./JG7 This aircraft was originally test-flown on 23 March 1945 and subsequently delivered to JG7. The British then captured it at Schleswig. Became AM51, now on static display Aerospace Museum at Cosford. Haven't seen the "x" on this air-plane before.
  14. Tracker

    24 January 2015 Marks Death of Winston Churchill

    24 January 2015 marks 50 years since the death of British Prime Minister and international statesman, Sir Winston Churchill. British Pathé’s cameras followed Churchill throughout his career. The right man, in the right place at the right time. Home Front - British Pathé
  15. tomo pauk

    January 1936: British army, you run the show

    Simiar with current aviation-related threads - what should be the best, but historically plausible outfit to choose for the upcoming years for the British army? Thinking about tanks, artillery, small arm, AAA.
  16. v2

    Halifax found in Norwegian fjord.

    University students have made a sensational discovery deep down at 180 meters in Trondheimfjorden in Norway. During an under water search course a British aircraft used in the fight against Tirpitz during WW2 appeared on the ocean floor. Rare British WW2-airplane found in Norwegian fjord -...
  17. destrozas

    **** FINISHED: 1/72 focke-wolf Fw189 - Winter War / Eastern Front WWII

    User Name: destrozas Name: sergio Category: intermediate Kit: Focke-wolf Fw189 condor Scale: 1/72 the Fw189 I'll do is the V7 +1 E did not find the W.Nr but if I had a photo that says it is the period when the British began incursones to stop the production of nickel in Petsamo to German...
  18. M

    Freeman Dyson interview

    I've posted on Operational Research stuff before, but hadn't seen this (sadly rather brief) interview with Freeman Dyson, of the British ORS. It's part II of an article, apparently part I requires a subscription... Part II: A Failure of Intelligence | MIT Technology Review
  19. Lucky13

    P-38 Lightning in Battle of Britain?

    From the Wiki.... In March 1940, the French and the British, through the Anglo-French Purchasing Committee, ordered a total of 667 P-38s for US$100M, designated Model 322F for the French and Model 322B for the British. The aircraft would be a variant of the P-38E. The overseas Allies wished for...
  20. T

    Did the USAAF Design Standards kill the P51's Climb rate?

    Interesting reading North American's Lightweight Mustangs (P-51H/P-51M/P-51L) Sounds like Edgar Schmeud wasn't to happy with his P51's climb rate compared to the spitfire I know the P51B/C wasn't bad in that area, but the Heavy D model suffered. A shame because if this plane came...