1. fastmongrel

    Licence built DaimlerBenz V12s, what was the problem

    Another thread started me on this train of thought. What was it that meant that the licenc built DB engines never seemed to live up to the engines built by the Germans. I can find three companies Alfa Romeo, Kawasaki and Aichi that built DB engines and plenty of claims they werent as good as...
  2. S

    British Vs American wasted aircraft, maybe.

    A big deal is made of a number of British aircraft, that while designed for combat would up as trainers. The US had the luxury of not only starting later but having an industry large enough (or of being capable of expanding enough) to build thousands (if not 10s of thousands) of trainers...
  3. B

    Project underway to acquire Australian Built Mk20 P-51 Mustang

    Hi everyone We have been offered a rare (ie probably the only time it will happen) chance to acquire a CAC built Australian Mk20 Mustang - A68-71. It is the oldest surviving one left in Australia (there are two others both having been exported to the USA) Anyway we have a task ahead in...
  4. Tracker

    Halifax, RCAF Museum Trenton,Canada

    Couple of Halifax pictures I took last year. Can provide many more detailed ones if anyone is interest. They built a hanger around the aircraft to house it.
  5. gjs238

    If the US built Hispano-Suiza HS.404 had been successful...

    ...Where might we have seen it employed, other than in fighters?
  6. GrauGeist

    Memory Lane: What was your very first model kit?

    With the recent discussion of hobby shops closing, it got me thinking about the fun I used to have exploring those shops and dreaming of having that monster aircraft kit that was always taunting me from behind the counter... It also took me back to the first kits I had as a kid and so here we...
  7. fubar57


    Dang, why couldn't they have released this before I built mine... AVIAEOLOGY DECALS-1:48 SCALE Geo
  8. fubar57

    JAYS Model Kits

    Any of you down-under guys ever heard or built one of these... ...just curious as to how they built up. Geo
  9. Jeff Hunt

    Swedish Harvard

    I wanted to do something a little bit different with this Harvard so I grabbed some left over decals from the CR-42 kit and decided a Swedish bird would be nice. With some help from Jan I was able to cobble together my model. It is built to represent A/C 16071 when it was assigned to F16 and...
  10. Lucky13

    The three best looking jet airliners ever built....

    The Comet, Trident and the VC10!
  11. Airframes

    Incredible Mustang model.

    This might not be quite the right place to post this, but, rather than post it in the modelling forums, I thought perhaps more people can enjoy this beautiful model if shown here. This is a large (I think around 1/8th scale), 'scratch-built', metal, P-51D, now on display in the main entrance...
  12. hal bregg

    Halifax B Mk III- Revell+Airfix 1:72

    Hello To build this model I've used two kits- Revell 04670, and over 50-years old(!) Airfix kit. Engines with nacelles, propellers and exhausts are taken from Airfix. Front plexiglass-handmade, some corrections in ailerons, fuselage front, wingtips, tailwheel. Paint: Gunze C, decals: Xtradecal...
  13. Wirbelwind

    Spitfire MH434

    I've been looking into the history of Spitfire MH434, and I'm trying to figure out whether this aircraft was built as an IX variant or whether it was built as another variant and later converted into an IX. On a related note, I have been able to find the construction number for this aircraft...
  14. P

    Memphis Belle

    I share with you the link to this article and photos of undoubtedly the most famous B-17 bomber ever built: Aviação em Floripa: Memphis Belle Hope you enjoy and I count on your visit!
  15. P-26 at San Diego Air and Space Museum

    P-26 at San Diego Air and Space Museum

    Photo taken in Dec. 08. Taking shape and looking like an aircraft.
  16. P-26 at San Diego Air and Space Museum

    P-26 at San Diego Air and Space Museum

    Photo taken in Dec. 08. Taking shape and looking like an aircraft.