The three best looking jet airliners ever built....

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Aug 21, 2006
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The Comet, Trident and the VC10!



The VC 10 has always been a favourite of mine since I used to fly with BOAC on them as an 'unaccompanied minor' to Nigeria (Kano or Lagos followed by an internal Nigeria Airways flight to Enugu, the latter usually on the particularly ugly Fokker F 27). I've still got my BOAC Junior Jet Club log book.
The VC 10 wasn't just good looking, it had terrific performance, even by today's standards.

I'd then go Comet and Concorde, but I appreciate that Concorde might be an acquired taste.


Well, not strictly a jet airliner but an 'awesome' looking machine nonetheless comrade..

I remember taking some Air France and Air Inter Caravelle flights out of Nice to Paris, man the pilots would love to point that nose in the sky like they were in Mirage fighters.
fokker tri motor...vintage elegance

boeing b314 clippers....

still love the looks of the concord

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