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    Fuel Tank Inert Tech theory manual and Patent Manuals

    Fuel Tank Inert System is a system which fills the tank with nitrogen, to prevent the explosion of Airplane fuel tanks. Fuel Tank Inert Tech Patent Manuals, the 5th pdf attachment patent(US10765992) manual is the most important tech public patent manual, for ref only. Public inert manuals in...

    Rudel's tank kill count is correct?

    Rudel destroyed more than 500 soviet tanks and it was more than any other german tank aces. I know stukas 37mm cannon can destroyed Soviet tanks but 37mm was not a perfect weapon. Using 37mm cannon to attack enemy tank, stuka pilots attacked tank's weakness point but 37mm's power is still not...
  3. Snautzer01

    eBay: heavy Iron (Tanks Guns Ships Trains)

    Foto, Panzer IV Turmnummer: II01 wird verladen, Hafen Neapel, Italien, f | eBay
  4. D

    Unknown drop tank

    Hello forummembers, I recently got this part of a unknown droptank. I already posted this on another forum. Someone there mentioned it could be a wing tip tank from a Sea Venom. I showed the pictures to a WWII aviation expert who said it can not be a wing tip tank due to its size, and was...
  5. tomo pauk

    Conformal fuel tanks for ww2 planes?

    The thread about the Bf 110's belly thank got me thinking - how useful would be to have conformal fuel tanks on combat aircraft of ww2 era? The Spitfire used slipper tanks (my idea being to install the s-s lining on the inside of 30 or/and 45 gal tank, so they will not be a fire hazard any more...
  6. Airframes

    Question on Bf110D "Dackelbauch'.

    Does anyone have any information on the cannon armament, use or otherwise, on the Bf110D when fitted with the huge 'Dackelbauch' belly tank ? Although the cannon ports are clear of the front of the tank, the spent cases ejector ports are covered by the huge fitting, so I'm guessing that the...
  7. A no.211 Pz.Kpfw.VI Tiger of the Panzerabtailung 503 in Russia

    A no.211 Pz.Kpfw.VI Tiger of the Panzerabtailung 503 in Russia

  8. G

    P-51 tank busters?

    Has anyone seen the movie "Saving Private Ryan? I just watched it again last night and I noticed near the end of the movie when the Mustangs are flying over shooting up the Germans, Capt. Miller asked what they were. One of his troops says "they're P-51 tank busters, sir." Was this some kind of...
  9. Maxrobot1

    Unusual photo mod on lightning!

    Check this out... USMC photographer David Douglas Duncan rode in this converted drop tank on two occasions. June 13 and June 15, 1945 to photograph USMC Corsairs attacking Japanese position on Okinawa. The pilot is Major Ed h. Taylor, commnder, 28th Photo-Recon Squadron and the plane is a...
  10. javlin

    "I keep a Pan-zer in the Cel-lar "

    Cellars are usually the host of a number of objects of memories and interests from the past, but some people go that extra mile to satisfy their craving for the past memorabilia. A raid in a German town resulted in the discovery of a Second World War Panther tank along with a number of other...
  11. Torch

    Our World War

    Was cruising Netflix when I came across a BBC series called "Our World War", was a series of 3 true stories, The first was about Britains first battle at Mons, the 2nd was about "Pal" platoons and the last about the first tank attack. Was actually decent, the way they filmed it they tried to...
  12. V

    Why no British development of Vickers 6 Ton tank?

    Other countries including The Soviet Union thought this tank had merit - why did the British not develop it? From Wiki ; Production in Stalingrad[edit] The prototype of STZ-25 (T-25) wheeled-tracked light tank during tests at the Kubinka Tank Proving Ground. September 1939. The...
  13. P

    german r4 rocket

    hi all. maybe someone can help me on this question. the German r4 rocket as it a good tank killer? thank you Puckett.
  14. Njaco


    Any comments on this upcoming movie with Brad Pitt? Looks like they are using an actual Tiger I from the Bovington Museum - only time an actual Tiger tank has been used in a movie. Supposedly takes place in April 1945 and Brad and Co. are supposed to take their tank and save the war. I'm just...
  15. KW-1 tank.

    KW-1 tank.

  16. Pisis

    Something you might like...

    Merkava Mk.III of the I.D.F.
  17. tiger


  18. M3 Lee/Grant tank on an assembly line

    M3 Lee/Grant tank on an assembly line

    M3 Lee/Grant tank. source unknown.
  19. Russian KW tank

    Russian KW tank

    Russian KW heavy tank. source unknown.