1/48 F-35B VMFA-211 Wake Island Avengers

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Well now.
After all this i may not be able to "complete" this one.
Unless I can find a reliable custom decal printer!
Mine is punking out on me, no response from my emails,
phone call, or messages. The sole reason for building this is to a specific aircraft.
Without the decals! Bubkiss. So I may slow down on this one.
Same goes for GB55, GB56 and f'n GB57. Very disappointing.
I just might go into the business!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Now I am confused about Have Glass Grey!
Is it Grey, or a Brown-ish?
In the bottle it does Not look grey.
When I sprayed it it does Not look grey, it looks Brown-ish!!!!
I bring it in to the light of day, it is Grey??????
I take a photo, it is really Grey. I use a flash and it's a feckin blend of Brown-ish to GREY?
I am confused. SMS what the??????
S2F F-35B 51.jpg

SMS says it turns darker as it dries. But it sure does go on nice!
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Have you stirred the paint correctly? It can be noted that if it isn't stirred well the SMS lacquer looks brown-sandish in tone at the top. The correct pigment is gathered at the bottom of the bottle.

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BTW a useful link ... Obsession with FS 36170: Who Got It Right?
Oh Wurger, that "obsession" thread hurt my brain. Excellent research tho. My goodness the hoops jumped thru are amazing.
But then I have to find a way to set the colors on my laptop so they are true. So magenta doesn't look green!

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