1/72nd F-35B VMFA-211 Wake Island Avengers

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Nov 1, 2009
Miranda, NSW
User name: N4521U
First name: Bill
Scale: 1/72
Manufacturer: Italeri No. 1425 F-35B Lightning II
Extras: At the build start I have none.
Previous S2F @ 1/48th Kittyhawk kit failure for further reference:

After much research as I am bent on building one of these bloody things. Previous build attempt will attest to that. The Italeri kit at 1/72nd seemed to get good reviews. Upon opening the kit box it is in fact astounding the detail Italeri got in 1/72nd. For one thing, the outboard rocket pylon is CORRECT in being slanted toward the wing tip!!!!! I had to scratch build this in the KH kit after too much research! Some kit photos. There are some "flow" marks but seem to be a minimum and tolerable! Looking forward to this one and would like to finish by GB59!!!!! Oh, the Canopy is molde with the Gold tint!!!!! Imagine that.

S2F F-35B_2-1.jpgS2F F-35B_2-2.jpgS2F F-35B_2-3.jpgS2F F-35B_2-4.jpgS2F F-35B_2-5.jpgS2F F-35B_2-6.jpgS2F F-35B_2-7.jpgS2F F-35B_2-8.jpg Off I go!
Probably. There isn't much to improve at this scale that would make a difference. As before just the piping on the exhaust nozzle.

This kit is like the "shake the box and Bam". I did want a 48th scale only because the F4F-4's were 48th. This will do since physical the sizes are about the same.
Well.......... rather than go thru the trauma of a 1/72nd IP, I ordered a 3d set.
Albeit is for another Maker, I hope for no fit problems.............
My first report......... the parts fit o-so-well, a nice surprise.
The only thing I have found is the fit of pins to pockets, way too tight.
As most Mfrs use a 1mm pin, I have used a 1.2mm drill and given them more room.
Just steaming along with bits and components before the White paint and gluing starts!
S2F F-35B_2-9.jpgS2F F-35B_2-10.jpg
I beenapickin away atter!
Sub assemblies, just can't seem to follow instructions.
However, the little bits, hinge arms on the many doors?
Yah just gotta, or your gonna ditchit!
There are some things you just have to conform to the instructions.
It all went well, cuz I did follow piece by piece. Old dogs, new tricks.
S2F F-35B_2-11.jpgS2F F-35B_2-12.jpg
So you can see I do sub assemblies.
I will be painting the exterior of the doors first.
Easier to mask the flatish surface then paint the white.
Same with the holes in the fuselage, white first
then mask them for the Have Glass exterior.
Waiting on the 3d interior.
S2F F-35B_2-13.jpg
Painting things Have Glass and white, innerds and outerds.
Doors and stuff. First I primed both sides.
Painted outers Have Glass, taped the outers, then white innerds!
Results!!!!! Have to wait for the 3D cockpit before I can buttonner up!
S2F F-35B_2-14a.jpgS2F F-35B_2-14b.jpgS2F F-35B_2-14c.jpgS2F F-35B_2-14d.jpg
Did some more painting, white in the recesses of this thing. I am finding tho, it might have been easier to paint the Have Glass exterior with doors in-place, Before attaching hinges!!!!! Stick them in place with a wad of Blue Tack. These recesses are sh!t to mask. I digress.

I put some detail on the exhaust nozzle. See photo and kit piece. Then After some wires and stuff.
S2F F-35B_2-15a.jpgS2F F-35B_2-15b.jpg

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