H.S. Andover E3, 115 Sqn RAF, 1/72nd scale.

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Thanks chaps.
Had a great weekend, and it was sunny and hot on my daughter's big day. Bit tired and stiff now though after lots of walking over two days, and coping with stairs.
Both ex's were very nice to me - rather suspicious methinks !
Just asked you on my thread how it went, so ignore it and like what Even says, so watch your back! Seriously though, glad it went okay for all and now you take it easy and recover from the weekend. :thumbleft: :D
Aaannnd................ back to the model, with a little more progress to show.

The fuel filler pipes have been added to the holes in the wing roots, made from plastic rod, and the centre section attached.
Some filler will be needed around the joints, but this will be done at the same time as the engine nacelles, when they're completed.
The nacelles are "handed", and it's important to ensure the correct nacelle is attached to the correct wing, otherwise fit may be a problem, and the smaller exhaust port on each nacelle will be in the wrong place.
The components for the starboard nacelle have been cleaned up, with a little filing down needed here and there to allow a snug fit of parts, and the lower nacelle/wheel bay attached to the wing.
Some filler will also be needed around some joints here, and the small intake ducts on each side of the upper cowlings have yet to be fitted, before fitting the part to the wing.
I've run out of CA, but if I can get, some tomorrow, I may have time to do a bit more work, before heading off to Norfolk on Friday, and the Old Buckenham air show on the weekend, when Karl will be joining me in order to help recycle some beverages of the alcoholic variety.

Pics below show te progress to date.

Andover build 115 Sqn 093.JPG
Andover build 115 Sqn 095.JPG
Andover build 115 Sqn 096.JPG
Andover build 115 Sqn 094.JPG
Andover build 115 Sqn 097.JPG
Andover build 115 Sqn 098.JPG
Thanks, Wojtek and Vic.

The larger gaps will be filled with "Milliput", but I'll probably use a "porridge" of matt white enamel mixed with talc for the wing root joints.
However, that probably won't be done until I get back from Norfolk, in about two weeks, depending on how good, or bad, the weather is down there.
Thanks chaps, and what a coincidence Andy !
I ordered you two pints at the wedding, but as it was quite warm inside the venue, I had to drink them !

I managed to get some more CA, and I'm hoping to have some time tomorrow to get a little more work done, as I have to stay in to wait for a meds delivery. Can't do much today, as I'll be running around doing last minute shopping, packing etc.
Got a little more done today, but nothing much worth showing yet.
I'm heading off to Norfolk tomorrow, and I'll be away for about two weeks, so I'll post another up-date on my return.
Thanks, Evan and Vic.
Setting off in a couple of hours. Weather is looking "changeable" so far, so just hoping it stays dry for the air show on Sunday.
Back from Norfolk after a longer stay than planned, and got a bit more done, with the centre section and wing fillet gaps filled with "Milliput", then filed and sanded, and that gap in the engine nacelle joint also filled and sanded.
I'm hoping to get a lot more done before I head off to Norfolk again some time next week, with the engine nacelles next, then start cutting slots for the various antennae, and make and fit the spotlight under the nose, all of which are best done before fitting the wings.

Pics show how things look so far.

Andover build 115 Sqn 099.JPG
Andover build 115 Sqn 100.JPG
Andover build 115 Sqn 102.JPG

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