H.S. Andover E3, 115 Sqn RAF, 1/72nd scale.

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Thanks, Wojtek and Hugh.

More sanding, more paint to check for defects, and almost there,
There are still a couple of very small divots to attend to, possibly hard to see in the photos, but I hope to get these sorted if I have time tomorrow.
If I can get this done, I may have time to attach the centre section and fill the joints where needed, before departing on Saturday for my eldest daughter's wedding.
I'll be back home on Monday, and hope to have some spare time to maybe get the engines and wings done, before setting off for Norfolk on Thursday, for the Old Buckenham air show on Sunday the 30th, when Karl will be joining me for the weekend at the caravan.
I'll be in Norfolk for around two weeks, so no more work on the model until I get back for a week or so, and the same until the end of September,
but I hope to have the model finished, and delivered, by. the time of my final visit to Norfolk.

Andover build 115 Sqn 085.JPG
Andover build 115 Sqn 086.JPG
I managed to do a little more on the nose, and think it may be as good as it's going to get, although I still need to give it a quick coat of paint to check for blemishes.
I might be able to find some time tonight to do this, and I'll post pics then. If it still needs more work, then it'll have to wait until I'm back home next week.
Last up-date until I'm back home on Monday.

The starboard side is about as good as it can be, and the port side needs a touch more attention, which will be done early next week. I think that once the entire model gets a coat of primer, and then the finishing coats and gloss coat, it should be acceptable enough.
The blanked-off cabin windows on the starboard side have been checked for smoothness with a thin coat of matt white enamel, and appear to be fine.
Given I can get the nose area finished, I'm hoping to at least get the engine nacelles assembled and attached to the wings, and maybe the wings to the fuselage, before I depart for Norfolk on either Thursday or Friday next week.

Pics below show the state of play., and I'll be back with another up-date early next week.

Andover model nose.jpg
Andover model nose 2.jpg
Andover build 115 Sqn 092.JPG
Thanks chaps.
Had a great weekend, and it was sunny and hot on my daughter's big day. Bit tired and stiff now though after lots of walking over two days, and coping with stairs.
Both ex's were very nice to me - rather suspicious methinks !

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