H.S. Andover C1, 46 Sqn, RAF, 1/72nd scale.

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Thanks chaps, and yes, one prop is in reverse pitch !

Just got to attach the props and display stand and then take the photos. Hopefully I'll have time to post these later tonight.
It's finished !

The model is finished and on its display stand, ready for delivery tomorrow.
I'm relatively happy with it, although it could have been better, and more detailed, if it was just "for the shelf", and not to be transported around frequently. But hopefully Dougie, and the members of 46 Sqn Association will like it, on the occasion of the Squadron's 106th Anniversary dinner on Saturday.
Thanks to all who followed this build, and for the kind and encouraging comments.

Andover build No.1 058.JPG
Andover build No.1 059.JPG
Andover build No.1 060.JPG
Andover build No.1 063.JPG
Andover build No.1 064.JPG
Again, thanks very much chaps, it's very much appreciated.

Just got back from Sywell aerodrome, were I met-up with Dougie yesterday evening to "hand over the Andover", and I'm pleased to report that he was thrilled with the model, and assured me that the Association members will be too.
The Association has models of almost all the aircraft used by 46 Squadron from 1917 until disbandment in 1975 (four built by me previously), and now, finally, they have the last type used, the Andover.
Dougie couldn't stay long, as he had to drive back to Oxfordshire to continue preparations for the annual dinner on Saturday, so no beers I'm afraid (although I sampled a few later in the evening !), but he did present me with rather large bottles of Gin, and a spiced Rum, as a personal thank you !

I have one more model to build for the Association, to complete the collection, which is a Be2C in 1/48th scale, which I hope to get done sometime soon, and I also have another Andover to do, this time for Dougie himself. It's the same aircraft, serial number XS603, but later in its life, when in service as a calibration aircraft with 115 sqn, which Dougie then commanded. (pic below, original source unknown).

Andover 115 Sqn image 2.jpg

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