H.S. Andover C1, 46 Sqn, RAF, 1/72nd scale.

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Thanks chaps.
Vic, I was going to use "Maskol" on the windows, but it had solidified in the bottle. I used Tamiya tape, stuck over each window and then cut following the shape of the openings. The edges were then brushed with PVA, which should peel off with the tape when it's removed.
Thanks Terry. Had the same problem with Maskol myself a couple of weeks back, solid as a rock. I tale it you will be using PVA for the windows when your done. :D
Thanks all.

Vic, the kit has clear resin windows, although fit is not brilliant, and most don't sit flush. Should look passable once clear coated though.
I've been too darned stiff to spray today, with lack of articulation in my right wrist, and a very sore elbow joint and muscle, but I'm going to attempt to spray the Dark Earth tonight. If that fails, I can always brush paint those areas.
Back when there's more to show ...................
Thanks Andy.
Just finishing dinner (paracetamol, coffee and a cigarette !) and about to mark out the camouflage pattern and (hopefully) start spraying the Dark Earth.
Got the Dark Earth on, using Humbrol N0.29 matt Dark Earth, which looks a little darker than usual, although it may be the light in my room.
The camouflage pattern was drawn onto the model in pencil, just about visible in the pics below, with the intention of spraying the pattern freehand, using the fine 0.2mm tip on the airbrush.
However, my hands and wrists were far too stiff and tender to allow precise control of the 'brush, especially around some of the trickier angled areas, so I ended up brush-painting the camouflage, which has gone on fairly. smoothly, and any brush marks should be eliminated when the gloss coat is applied ( the real aircraft had a gloss finish).

I'll let this fully harden until late tomorrow afternoon or early evening, and then mask and get the black undersides done.
Pics below show the progress to date, and I'll be back once the painting is finished. Thanks for the interest and kind comments.

Andover build No.1 040.JPG
Andover build No.1 041.JPG
Andover build No.1 042.JPG
Andover build No.1 044.JPG
Andover build No.1 046.JPG
Thanks very much chaps, much appreciated !

Made some good progress today, with a couple of long sessions at the bench, re-touching, masking (took bl**dy ages !!) and then brush-painting the black undersides and the de-icer boots on wings, fin and tail planes.
I could have used gloss black for the undersides, as the aircraft was gloss overall, but the matt black dries much quicker, and should look fine under a clear gloss coat, and, of course, tIme is critical at the moment, as the model has to be delivered on Friday next week !
The masks have been removed from the flight deck and cabin windows, and I just need to mask and paint the radome and the extreme fronts of the engine cowlings, plus a very small area that still needs re-touching, then I can apply a a couple of coats of acrylic clear gloss, ready for the decals.
Pics below show how things look. The "rough" patch on the underside centre section is a square of masking tape, covering the slot drilled out for the display stand.
I hope to get the decals done possibly on Sunday, or Monday at the latest. and I'll post further pics then.
Thanks again for the continued interest.

Andover build No.1 048.JPG
Andover build No.1 049.JPG
Andover build No.1 050.JPG

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