H.S. Andover C1, 46 Sqn, RAF, 1/72nd scale.

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Thanks Evan.
As the "stone" was being sprayed directly onto the bare resin, I gave it two coats. The brush-painted matt Dark Earth and matt Black only got one coat, as I didn't want the colours to build up and look "heavy".
However, as the model was not primed ( I suppose I should have primed it really), the black, in particular, is susceptible to scratching in its present form. But the entire model will be given at least two coats of acrylic gloss varnish, with a further coat once the decals have been applied, so the finish should then be much more resilient.
Thanks Vic, glad you like it.

Evan, I forgot to mention - the white area over the flight deck was sprayed, and received three costs directly onto the bare resin, before masking the area and spraying the "Stone".
Thanks chaps.
Nothing much to show at the moment, but the gloss coat is on, and I'm about to apply another coat to a couple of areas.
I'll let this fully harden overnight, and start on the decals tomorrow, which I hope to get finished by Tuesday at the latest.
The delivery date has had to be brought forward, due to hotel availability at Sywell, and I'll now be meeting Dougie on Thursday - no pressure then !
Nearly done.

The decals are on, with a few stencils from the kit, and the national insignia, serial numbers, tail number and "Royal Air Force" from various "Xtradecal" sheets. I still have to hand-paint the Squadron badge, onto white decal discs, and these go on the fin, above the tail number.
I'll let the decals settle overnight and then apply a sealing coat of clear gloss, and also re-gloss the undersides of the wings. The de-icer boots and radome will also need a coat of clear matt.
Meanwhile, work has started on the white metal props, which needed a lot of clean-up to remove burrs and flash. Once fully cleaned, they'll get a coat of primer, before painting the blades and spinners.
Pics below show how it looks so far, and I hope to post the "finished" pics by Wednesday, before packing the model ready for delivery on Thursday.

Andover build No.1 053.JPG
Andover build No.1 054.JPG
Andover build No.1 055.JPG
Andover build No.1 057.JPG
Andover build No.1 052.JPG
Thanks Hugh.

Just finishing the final details, with the Squadron badge for the fin now hand-painted on white decal discs ( not brilliant, but they'll pass), the props painted and ready to fit, and the final small detail painting done.
I'll get the "finished" photos taken tomorrow (Wednesday) and, if I have time I'll post them, otherwise it'll be when I get back on Friday.
Thanks chaps.
Andy, the Squadron Badge wasn't too bad, as it's just three arrow heads on a white disc, not the full crest. That said, it's quite small in 1/72nd scale (disc diameter about 7mm) so it took a steady(ish) hand and patience.
Thanks Vic. With luck, I'll see some Spits at Sywell, maybe the Sidney Cotton Electra, and possibly meet-up with a couple of the pilots I know.
If I get any reasonable pics, I'll post a thread when I get back.

I forgot to mention - S&M Models got a couple of things wrong with this kit. The small cargo door on the rear starboard side is depicted full size, like the para door, when it should be half the height, but easily fixed. A little more irritating are the props, as they're cast in white metal and "handed", i.e. the pitch is opposite on each prop, when they should be the same, each prop rotating clockwise when viewed from the front.
I took the chance and painted the de-icer bots on the blades to represent the correct look, and hope that the different pitch settings aren't noticed !
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