1/48 Special Hobby Reggiane Re.2005 Sagittario

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Grant Barr

Senior Airman
Next update. I've applied an enamel based gloss clear coat; it turned out OK but like polyurethane I seem to get a slightly grainy finish. Probably something wrong with my technique rather than any issue with the paint.

I've also been busy applying the decals. Having never done a Special Hobby kit before I've also not had any experience with their decals. They do seem to have quite a bit of carrier film at the edges which needs to be trimmed, but the film itself is very thin and beds down quite nicely with an application of MicroSol. The only tearing issues I had were with the two lower wing decals - they are the largest and were therefore the hardest to move once applied. They're not perfect but it will have to do - they aren't going anywhere now without being completely destroyed! The only other thing I noticed is that the colours tend to wash out a little once applied - this is not necessarily a bad thing given I'll be weathering them to tone them down a bit anyway. Shots below.
085_RE.2005 Top Front Decals.jpg 086_RE.2005 Bottom Front Decals.jpg 087_RE.2005 LHS Profile Decals.jpg 088_RE.2005 RHS Profile Decals.jpg 089_RE.2005 Prop Decals.jpg
Planning on doing another clear coat tomorrow weather permitting. Then it will be onto the weathering stage.

Thanks for looking in.

Grant Barr

Senior Airman
The Bogeyman (Spauracchio) is the symbol of one of the most important fighter groups of the Italian Air Force...
So that's what he was. I was trying to tell my wife it was a fighter unit emblem - just got a blank look and a shrug (sighs....)

Thanks Berny - a bit of local knowledge is very much appreciated. :salute:

Grant Barr

Senior Airman
Update time - back training for the next Triathlon now so spare time for models has been a bit scarce.

Since the last post I've managed to put down a clear coat over the decals. I've decided to stay with a satin finish as the photos and text from a couple of reference books indicate that the factory finish was indeed almost glossy. The hosts below are following some weathering - the usual stuff like dark wash in the panel lines and some chipping and oil/dirt staining.
090_RE.2005 Top Side Weathering.jpg 091_RE.2005 Top Side Weathering Rear.jpg 092_RE.2005 Bottom Side Weathering Rear.jpg 093_RE.2005 Bottom Side Weathering Front.jpg
It might seem that the top side has very little weathering, although this is not the case. With the green being so dark and the pre-shading still quite strong the additional staining does not seem very obvious. I did also try my hand at doing some dot filtering but I was not at all happy with the result so I wiped it all off and just stayed with what you can see here. Not sure what I am doing wrong technique-wise with dot filters but I'll keep practicing and one day I might even get it right!!

Finally, with all the handling I managed to rub off quite a bit of the aluminium paint on the undercarriage. It was a bit of a marathon masking effort but I managed to get the underside fully covered, resprayed and then masking removed. I am pleased with the result - time now to get on with doing all the small external bits to be painted and fitted to the aircraft.
094_RE.2005 Undercarriage Masking.jpg 095_RE.2005 Undercarriage Respray.jpg 096_RE.2005 Rear Undercarriage Respray.jpg
One note I would make is that I usually use Post-It notes for wider coverage, but I saw a plain old roll of brown paper in the supermarket the other day for a couple of dollars and realised this would be much more cost effective to use, even if it does take a bit more tape (I use the blue masking tape as its way cheaper then the Tamiya specialty tape).

Anyway - I'm looking forward to getting this one finished soon (might even be in record time still). I already have the next kit picked out and started making notes on what I want to do with it.

Thanks for looking in!

Grant Barr

Senior Airman
So...... it's been a while since my last post. Spring means a new triathlon season with a new coach & training regime. Back to training 6 days a week with 2 or 3 days doing double sets, which means that, outside work hours, any spare time I had has pretty much disappeared. Not complaining, it does feel good to get fit again, but it has severely limited time at the workbench. I actually miss being able to work on a kit - I think it is almost therapeutic for me!

Over the past week I have made a concerted effort to spend 10 minutes here and there just getting the final touches done to this kit. To securely fit the air intake I added some small polystyrene rod pegs which allowed a more positive fit to the fuselage.
097_RE.2005 Air Intake & Cockpit Headrest.jpg
After taking the shot above I did a whole bunch of other work finalising the little bits and pieces to add. Unfortunately I did not take the time to photograph any of this work. Below are shots of the finished kit.
098_RE.2005 Completed Head On.jpg 099_RE.2005 Completed LHF Quarter.jpg 100_RE.2005 Completed RHF Quarter.jpg 101_RE.2005 Completed RHR Quarter.jpg 102_RE.2005 Completed LHR Quarter.jpg 103_RE.2005 Completed Top Rear.jpg 108_RE.2005 Completed LHS Fuselage & Tail Unit.jpg 107_RE.2005 Completed RHS Fuselage & Tail Unit.jpg 106_RE.2005 Completed Open Canopy.jpg 105_RE.2005 Completed RHR Bottom.jpg 104_RE.2005 Completed Bottom Front.jpg
Overall I ended up being a little disappointed with how it turned out. Those of you with great attention to detail will note that the vac-formed canopy pieces seem to be just that little bit too large, almost like they are bigger than 1/48 scale. Certainly when viewed side-by-side with the kit part they are at least 10% larger. This resulted in a whole bunch of issues trying to get them placed correctly on the fuselage - they are in place but they don't fit snugly to the fuselage in quite a few places.

The other thing that I was let down by was the final clear coat. I think that because I thinned the final satin coat and blended in a bit more gloss to make it almost shiny it ended up being almost soft and sticky. Certainly any dust that had settled on it whilst still on the workbench is pretty much impossible to remove now.

Finally, the undercarriage is a missed opportunity. The kit parts are poorly designed and result in a huge joint down the front of the oleo (above the wheel) that is not there on the real thing. If I had realised this would not be a great fit once finished I would have gone about the assembly of the undercarriage very differently and allowed some work to remove this joint earlier in the process.

I still ended up finishing this kit in record time - a touch over 4 1/2 months. I am keen to get started on the next kit that I have already picked out and I suspect it will be even more challenging than I found this kit. With any luck I hope to get a new thread started this coming weekend.

As always, my thanks to everyone for their kind words, advice and encouragement. In doing this kit I learned quite a lot, picked up some new skills and got to research a lot of other techniques that people use in building their models (irrespective of whether I used them or not).

Cheers! 😁

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