2010 Consumer Electronics Show

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    I went to this convention here in Las Vegas. This is one of the largest conventions in the world, and this show is all about consumer electronics.

    TV's: The major manufacturers do not seem to be in a race to build the largest flat screen TV's. Now they are really working on the following:

    1) Making black "black". Looks like the contrast ratio's are a lot higher than I can remember. The 2010 TV's will make use of different technologies to cut down external glare and "residual energy levels" to make a true black color just that, and not a shade or two brighter.

    2) LED baby!!!! This was very very impressive. The biggest difference is for the products that use a a 4 LED design, in which the colors are red-blue-green AND yellow. The yellow color helps in renditions of gold and bronze colors. Plus it seemed the LED designs were just plain faster than the LCD and plasma .... to a point.

    3) 240hz refresh rates will be the norm. Fast moving scenes will no longer be jerky. This will be a great aid to gamers.

    4) "Energy Star". The power consumption levels compared to models a couple of years ago is impressive. Looks like 40 - 50% savings in power, or the equivalent of 75 watts for a 50" size screen.

    5) 3D television. Quite impressive, but I'm not sold on it. I wear glasses, and having to wear the 3D glass's on top of it was uncomfortable after several minutes. Plus the 3D effect didn't look normal compared to what we really perceive and it looked quite exaggerated. Expect to see it for the gamers, but be prepared to have a pc with a lot of power! I would put my money on seeing a lot more 3D movies and 3D ready TV's being sold, but I wouldn't put my money on it making inroads in the general public, except for the gaming community.

    6) Panasonic had a 152" ultra hi def TV. Quite impressive!

    7) Wireless, wireless, wireless. This technology has converged with the home network, and it is now possible to stream internet TV and HDTV to anywhere in the house.

    8 ) Powerline communications: Big advances in this technology with its adaptation to consumer uses. I saw demonstrations with off the shelf products in putting broadband internet and HD video to any device in a building WITHOUT the need for switches and cat5e/cat6 cabling. It was literally, wherever you have a power outlet, you can get HD Audio/HD Video/Broadband Internet.

    9) Thin flat screens. I saw a couple of designs that were 1 - 2" thick. Kind of too thin for my taste, except for small monitors. I question the strength of the case for designs that small. It looks like they would buckle under any type of torque.

    10) As always, scantily clad models in bikini's that like to "gyrate" will always draw a crowd, even if the product is crap! :lol:

    11) Also saw some small household fuel cells!
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    Sounds like it was the place to be!

    I like where the LED display technology is going, considering the low power demand and life-range of the LED modules themselves.

    I'm not sold on 3D and to be honest, there's really no need for it. It's just a gimmick and if they really want to impress me, make an affordable holographic TV display. Now that would be kickass.

    I've been able to see consumer wireless technology really take off recently, since we deal with two-way telecomm equipment at our shop. It'll be interesting to see where this leads over the next decade or so.

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