2016 NFL Thread

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Nov 8, 2004
Training camp starts in a few weeks, and the season is upon us in just 8 short weeks.

This is the place to talk about the 2016 NFL Season.
2016 NFL Preseason power rankings (according to MSN)

1. Cardinals
2. Patriots
3. Panthers
4. Broncos
5. Steelers
6. Seahawks
7. Packers
8. Vikings
9. Bengals
10. Chiefs
11. Raiders
12. Texans
13. Redskins
14. Jets
15. Bills
16. Giants
17. Jaguars
18. Colts
19. Ravens
20. Bucs
21. Falcons
22. Cowidiots
23. Lions
24. Bears
25. Rams
26. Dolphins
27. Saints.
28. Chargers
29. Titans
30. Eagles
31. 49ers
32. Browns

I don't really have a problem with the top 8. Yeah, you could swap a position or two, but it's fine. The middle is a mess. No way the Chiefs, Texans, Redskins, Jets, and Bills will be that high. As much as it hurts to say, the Cowfarts will be much higher than 22nd. Saints will be better too IF they can get a ground game established. I also look for the Bears and Ravens to be a little higher too but sure don't know what to make out of the Giants, Bucs, and Raiders.
Well...tonight was interesting:
The Skins beat Buffalo 21 - 16, good game and the second quarter was where most of the scoring was going on.

And the Niners - what the hell? They just couldn't get anything going and then seemed to run out of steam and Green Bay thrashed them...final was 21 - 10

The Steelers beat the Aints: 27 - 14

The Patriots and Carolina had a close game, New England finally pulling it off in the end 19 - 17
Always been a 49ers fan and rooted for Kaepernick. But I'm done with this a$$ hat. Says he can't support this country because of the way minorities are treated. Maybe this s***head should look at black on black crime or black on white crime and see how it FAR outweighs white on black crime. Screw this f*******. Take your millions this country has afforded you to earn and go f****** die somewhere you piece of ****. I so hope your career is over.

Sorry for being so crude, but to me, he showed the ultimate disrespect to my military friends and family.

Kaepernick sits anthem over racial oppression
Anthem aside. Kap will not be a Niner next year. He will be a backup this year.

The problem though is, we got nobody else...

Gabbert? The guy sucks too...
You're right Chris and the jerk does have a contract. This article and his attitude just got under my skin. Yes, in the USA we have freedoms that allow people to be STUPID, but standing at attention, staying quiet, and placing your hand on your heart is just a show of respect. I hope the advertisers and sponsors start to distance themselves.
I get your point and while it is their right, I just don't agree.

Usain Bolt did it best during the Olympics. Stopped an interview while our national anthem was played. He isn't from this country, he may hate this country, he may love it. But he still had the respect to stop, face the flags, and wait for the song to end.

This idiot couldn't even stand up. JERK!!!!
2016 NFL Season starts in a lil over an hour.

My Week 1 picks:

Carolina Panthers 24-17 Denver Broncos
Atlanta Falcons 33-21 Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Baltimore Ravens 23-20 Buffalo Bills
Houston Texans 21-10 Chicago Bears
Green Bay Packers 34-20 Jacksonville Jaguars
Kansas City Chiefs 17-14 San Diego Chargers
Oakland Raiders 30-27 New Orleans Saints
Cincinnati Bengals 23-19 New York Jets
Philadelphia Eagles 20-13 Cleveland Browns
Tennessee Titans 26-17 Minnesota Vikings
Seattle Seahawks 23-15 Miami Dolphins
New York Giants 27-20 Dallas Cowboys
Indianapolis Colts 33-14 Detroit Lions
Arizona Cardinals 24-21 New England Patriots
Pittsburgh Steelers 23-20 Washington Redskins
San Francisco 49ers 23-21 Los Angeles Rams (Only because it is my homer pick...lol)
Well...San Diego started out really strong in today's game and held a substantial lead over Kansas City, but literally imploded in the 4th and KC closed the gap to tie the game in final seconds. They went on to score a TD in overtime. Final score: 33 to 27

Absolutely unreal...

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