2016 NFL Thread

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Man, who would have thought. 4 minutes to go in the 1st quarter and Cle is beating Bal 20-2. 197 to 21 yards.

Somehow I just bet Cle finds a way to lose.

I called it. Cle loses 25-20. Didn't do a thing after the 1st quarter.

Steelers win so it was a good day!
I'll just leave this here... :evil4:

Last Week: 12-4
Overall: 33-9

This Week:

Houston Texans 24-21 New England Patriots
Arizona Cardinals 37-14 Buffalo Bills
Carolina Panthers 30-24 Minnesota Vikings
Denver Broncos 26-24 Cincinnati Bengals
Green Bay Packers 30-21 Detroit Lions
Baltimore Ravens 17-13 Jacksonville Jaguars
Miami Dolphins 26-9 Cleveland Browns
New York Giants 23-19 Washington Redskins
Oakland Raiders 29-10 Tennessee Titans
San Francisco 49ers 16-13 Seattle Seahawks (we gotta win this...)
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 24-22 Los Angeles Rams
Indianapolis Colts 26-21 San Diego Chargers
Kansas City Chiefs 23-17 New York Jets
Pittsburgh Steelers 27-25 Philadelphia Eagles
Dallas Cowboys 28-6 Chicago Bears
New Orleans Saints 33-24 Atlanta Falcons
Texans beating the Patriots at Gillette Stadium? Yeah, I can see that since they lost Goroppolo.

Carolina beating the Vikings by 6? I think more like 20

Normally I would say you are wishful thinking having the 49ers beating Seattle in Seattle, but the Seadogs just can't move the ball for some reason. If Seattle wakes up, this could get ugly. We shall see.
The only reason NE loses is the QB situation.

Carolina will prob score more, but I like what Bradford is doing in Min.

Seattle does not scare me at the moment, and the Niners O-Line and Defense are much improved. Plus without Lynch and Wilson hurt...
They are not the worst team in the league, in fact they are one of the better teams, but my Steelers played like smoldering crap today. Njaco's Eagles may be the real deal.

To add insult to injury and speaking of smoldering crap, the Cowturds won.

Uhg, what a horrible sports day!
We're only in week 3, guys...not the playoffs

Still some room to get settled down and get focused.

The Skins could have taken Dallas if they had just clamed down and stayed with the program. They did a good job against New York like they should have done against the Cowboys.

Now if we want to talk frustration, USC is sucking so bad, I'm afraid it may shift the solar system's alignment around the sun. :xcensoredx:
Last Week: 7-9
Overall: 40-18

This Week:

Cincinnati Bengals 27-17 Miami Dolphins
Indianapolis Colts 24-16 Jacksonville Jaguars
Carolina Panthers 30-24 Atlanta Falcons
Oakland Raiders 17-14 Baltimore Ravens
Detroit Lions 30-6 Chicago Bears
Houston Texans 17-10 Tennessee Titans
New England Patriots 27-14 Buffalo Bills
Seattle Seahawks 22-10 New York Jets
Washington Redskins 26-12 Cleveland Browns
Denver Broncos 30-24 Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Arizona Cardinals 33-23 Los Angeles Rams
New Orleans Saints 33-30 San Diego Chargers
San Francisco 49ers 17-10 Dallas Cowboys (if you can't tell, I am a homer who can't pick against my team...lol)
Pittsburgh Steelers 20-17 Kansas City Chiefs
Minnesota Vikings 24-21 New York Giants
I'm hoping the Steelers game gets put out on a Torrent site so I can actually watch it instead of reading the play by play on ESPN's website.

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