2016 NFL Thread

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Well, this has been an interesting weekend...

The Skins put away the Vikings (sorry, Jan): 26 - 20

Seattle beat the Patriots, even though New England *could have* beat the Seahawks if they stayed focused: 31 - 24

Miami snuffed the Chargers: 31 - 24

Dallas beat the Steelers (and I had to listen to several friends crying about that): 35 - 30

And alot of great college games, too, but the best was the face off between the Washington Husklies and my USC Trojans - hellova game but USC prevailed and broke Washington's winning streak: 26 - 13
I hope not.

I the 49ers CEO Jed York learns to take a step back. I hope we hire McDonald as HC, and trade for either Garappolo or Cousins. Then build this team up through the draft.
Agreed. Should be two great games.

I hate to root against them, but I think it will be Patriots 27 - Steelers 20
For the other, Green Bay 38 - Falcons 16

There is bound to be one blow out game so I had to pick one.

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