4th of July with Brits

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Dec 19, 2006
3rd of July
Northern Mediterranean, Lipari Island

I was on a scuba trip a long way from my hometown of Long Beach, CA. .
One thing that travel taught me is that personal interaction with someone from a different country is far more rewarding than any tourist attraction or historical landmark. I struck up a casual conversation with a couple from England. They mentioned that on every trip they seem to run into Yanks… “You bloch’s seem to have a lot of time off for someone who is supposed to be safeguarding democracy.”

I like to push buttons. I was in a good mood and ready for verbal combat.

I said, “ On this occasion, our time off can be attributed to an event of significance over 200 years ago. As my American memory serves, a decrepit, worn down colonial power in the twilight of it’s reign met it’s demise at the hands of a few ill-equipped but highly motivated pissed off Americans. Because we spanked the British bulldog, I have the pleasure of scuba diving with you here today.”

My tirade was delivered with a smile, and in jest but in the back of my mind, I didn’t know how it would be received.

There was a long pause.

The British couple seemed to be in a state of thoughtful contemplation but not angry or even the slightest bit rattled. “Come on you Limeys,” I thought to myself.. “Let’s trade banter.” I held zero animosity towards the English but I was looking forward to some playful discourse.

The British, 40 something, scuba woman looked me square into the eyes and said,
“Yank, there are many reasons why the American insurrection turned out the way it did but that doesn’t matter. When I think of America, I think of Tiananmen square and the paper mache effigy they built of the “Statue of Liberty” and called it “Goddess of Democracy.” America is a beacon to the world and if England shared a part of birthing such ideals then we enjoy a common pride. You must be proud to be an American.” Sic

I get goose bumps every time I think of that conversation.

Would the same conversation take place today?


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No, it probably wouldn't. In fact, I bet the story would end with you getting shot. The world hates us, but for what reason, I could not tell you. I could tell you what they say, but the real reason? No, and you'd be hard pressed to find out as well.
Would America be worse off if it remained a part of the British Empire? Is Canada worse of? Is Australia?

The British Empire was the most powerful the world had ever seen. Hardly worn down and still with plenty of years yet to run.

You would have still had democracy and been able to scuba dived when ever you wanted.
When I was deployed to Kosovo in 2002 and 2003 there were Brit soldiers stationed at our camp. On July 4th we had a little party with them (we were not supposed to be drinking but oh well) and it was a merry time. We traded banter back and forth about how we kicked there ass and they about how they let us win and so forth. However in the end we talked about how we were friends and all and had a great time.

The Brits are the best allies we have ever had.
No, it probably wouldn't. In fact, I bet the story would end with you getting shot. The world hates us, but for what reason, I could not tell you. I could tell you what they say, but the real reason? No, and you'd be hard pressed to find out as well.

The whole world does not hate the US. Get out and travel to some of these countries and you will see that they have nothing against the US and her people. Many do not agree with the government but only the minority hate the US.

I know because I have spent over 20 years of my life living outside of the US and still to this day live in Germany at the moment. I have served with soldiers from Germany, England, Australia, Canada, France, Austria, Switzerland, UAE, Sweden, Russia, Ireland, Turkey, the Kurds, Italy, Poland, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Albania, S. Korea, Japan, Denmark, Netherlands, Belgium, Macedonia, Norway, Romania, and Hungary and probably many more that I just can not think of at the momen.

None of them ever had anything bad to say about the US. Many said they did not agree with Bush but guess what the majority of the US does not agree with Bush either.

I can say from experience because I spent most of my life in Germany that I have never met a German who does not like the US (there are some, I know there are, you go anywhere in the world and you will find some...).

All I can say is get out and explore and I think your eyes will open a bit more and realize that what you say is not true.

The Middle East is not the whole world.
Agreed Adler the world does not hate the States some people do of course but that applies to every nation the estimate for 2007 is 44 million visitors will go to the US, surely if those 44 million hated the USA they wouldnt want to visit the place for a vacation and swell their bank balance.
Some Americans and other nations hate the British well hard titty I wont lose any sleep over that and I'm sure its the same for the citizens of the US

I am not as widely travelled as some people but having done a quick count and have been to 21 countys including the Middle Far east and in all of these the average bloke in the street wants exactly the same as everyone else. A trouble free life with a reasonable standard of living for their families.
The headlines are made by a miniscule minority of the billions that live on this planet. I do not hate any nation I may hate some of the people that live there but then I hate some of the people who live here, every nation has its own share of toss pots.

Yes there is banter between people I love it, everyone in the UK has rotten teeth and everyone in the US weighs 500lbs (sorry thats a bit of a bad example as I have personely managed to combine both those traits)
I know some of you hate the French well I dont some are arseholes but I know several who are friends and very pleasent people.

But getting back to your post Jug I think it is a bit of a sweeping statement to say the world hates the USA.

Happy 4th and give us our tea back you bums :)
No, it probably wouldn't. In fact, I bet the story would end with you getting shot. The world hates us, but for what reason, I could not tell you. I could tell you what they say, but the real reason? No, and you'd be hard pressed to find out as well.

Funny thing you say there. I was in Palm Springs California last year and quite a few people there told me that they were afraid of going to europe as the thought we (europeans) all hate americans. I was really suprised about that way of thinking. As Adler says, we don't hate americans, but quite some people here in europe disagree with and thus don't like the US government which most of us regard as very arrogant.
We have the 5th of November when we celebrate a bunch of Catholics who tried to blow up Parliament in session back in 1605. They failed and all member of the gunpowder plot were found, tortured and executed in public.
Also called Guy Fawke's Night after the conspirator who was found in the process of lighting the gunpowder, another tradition is that children make straw "Guy's" and the best one goes on the top of the bonfire.

Britain has such a cheerful history, doesn't it. :lol:
ummm, does England have a 4th of July?

Do you mean an Independence day or a day for fireworks?

Most Brits are not proud of the past...once being the most powerful thing on Gods Earth is not something for joy in their view.

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