4th of July

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Tonight I'm planning a special mission.....

At 9:00 pm I'm going to take a Cessna 172 and fly around the west edge of Denver and watch the firewooks from 3000' agl. I hope to take some pictures. The weather is questionable so we'll see if I pull this off.
A passing phase - I'm sure it's only a matter of time before they're clamouring to become a British Crown Dependency once again..... :twisted: :tongue: :evil4:

Nah, have a good holiday guys!
There was a local show here in our town last night. It's a pro setup a block from my house. I can sit on the driveway and see it all. I barbecued chicken (special recipe), carne asada and pollo asada last night. We had more food than we could all eat.

When people come for a BBQ at our house, they don't leave hungry, unless they are Vegans. ;)
did a humpin bike ride of 33 miles in less than 2 hrs. grea,t looks like all the city folk have left town ............ yeah man ! ok guys something for you as a tribute to the ww 2 vets.


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lesofprimus said:
Thank you...... Already blew up a 5 gallon bucket and an old Tonka Truck.......


You just cant leave work alone can you Les, I bet those little tiny insurgents in the Tonka where really pissed after all that stricked dieting to fit into it and you go and rumble em before they got a chance to carry out a Toys R us ram raid.

Happy I Day guys
I'm actually trying to figure how I can get my Panzerschreck 54 operable to take out to the local range. from time to time some of the guys set up an old bus out around 100 yards distant that needs a bit of air-conditioning and blast it with mini-canons
I shot about 180 rounds at some steel plates with an M-1 Garand aka "The greatest battle implement ever devised." General George S. Patton
Questionable on the Garand. But hope you have a good one...yanks... :lol: 8)
Nah, the British Empire lost it's Darth Vader. He kind of went in reverse for us, he went from Vader to Anakin...it's all just wrong. :rolleyes:

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