61 years ago- first atomic explosion.

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Nov 9, 2005
16 July 1945, 5:29:45 am- the first atomic bomb test, code named Trinity, was detonated in the first atomic explosion in history. The explosive yield was 20-22 Kt (initially estimated at 18.9 Kt), vaporizing the steel tower...


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Cool, but tell me guys I saw a picture of two men standing at the little stumps of the tower after the nuke were tested I do not know how long afterwards, but did any of the men involved in the testing die?
hence the hydrogen bomb, a combination of fusion and fission, and to put it into context, fusion is what happens in the sun and look how much energy that gives out, it needs a temperature of 20 million degrees C to get it started though................
Soundbreaker Welch? said:
Yes it is. Is there anything much more powerful than an exploding atom?

Matter/Anti-Matter? If the theory is correct, Matter and Anti-Matter duked it out in the begining of the Universe and Matter won. These two forces/existences/particles???) whatevers canceled each other out and by doing so, released gobs of energy. Unlike Fission and Fusion, the interaction was 100% efficient. Here's the inevitable link:

Matter and Anti-matter

Nobody has ever done it. But in theory, only a little bit makes one helluva big bang.:eeeeek:

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