A dermatologist with long fingers...

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Master Sergeant
The lawsuit of Jean-Marie Savoie, a dermatologist in the City of Québec, started yesterday. He is currently charged of rape on 28 of his female customers.

The first victim stated that the 67 year old dermatologist made a gynaecological exam while she was sent to him for an acne problem.

The victim said that the doctor asked her to undress and then asked her to lie down (face down) with her legs open. He then started to carress her clitoris (without wearing gloves) claiming that it was to "make her wet" to make it easier to introduce his tools. He would also have grabbed her breasts.

When she talked about it to her mother, she said that the doctor was a professionnal and that she had to trust him.

Those events would have happened at the end of the 80s and the begining of the 90s.

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