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    Hello, I am new here and not sure if anyone can help. I am searching for three different accounts from WWII, two from Europe and one from the Pacific. Account # 1 is a GI's story of being in Italy, possibly the 3rd Army or Division. Two brief excerpts I can remember are of being in a foxhole on the side of a mountain and a German mortar dud landing close by and bouncing past down the mountain. The other excerpt is about wanting clean socks to wear. This book was a veterans account published in the early to mid 1950's and was a paperback.

    Account # 2 is a sailors story of being on a destroyer in the Pacific. Also a paperback published in the early to mid 1950's. Both of the above books had the authors picture on the back cover and a short bio.

    Account # 3 is of a B-17 bomber crew member being shot down over France, and parachuting into a field. He is taken in by French farmers and hidden in an attic while he recovers from a sprained ankle. He is then helped to get to Paris where he and another US airman are hidden until they are both helped on their way back to England. This was a hardcover book, printed on wartime recycled paper and published sometime in either 1943 or 1944.

    I do apologize for not being able to offer more info about these three books, but this is all I can remember having read all these books over 30 years ago. Any help anyone can offer will be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your patience.

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