"A Moment's Peace" (P-38)

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Hi guys,

Hot off the easel ... this will be the final version of my upcoming P-38 painting. The final 24 x 32 canvas will have a couple of distant Lightnings added.

A Moment's Peace
Oil on panel
11 x 14
(Study for Twin-tailed Dragons)

It's excellent. Although with a title "A Moments Peace" I expected it to be on the ground.
the lancaster kicks *** said:
. . . atmospheric ground scenes work very well........

I have two of them coming up. First one is a takeoff scene of 8AF fighters with good hangar/watch office/jeep/men/etc. details in the background, and after that I have a south pacific Corsair scene showing planes on the ground with associated details, etc. I'm working on sketches for both in my spare time now. Check my site for details later.


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