A new Sink the Bismarck movie...?

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That's pretty much what it's coming down to, these days.

They are talking about making a "reboot" of batman...now how many freakin' different versions of Batman are we going to suffer through? And each time they remake a Batman movie, it gets worse. And they've done this with Star Trek, too.

And the same goes for the Redtails and a whole list of other movies...
Maybe they change the ending and it doesnt get sunk, just a minor historical inaccuracy. No doubt the captain is a gay lesbian who falls for a dashing Chinese Swordfish pilot she met in Hawaii.
And Bismark will be armed with Exocet missiles, and AS helicopters - in Kriegsmarine markings, of course ......
More likely she will be raised and put back into action to fight along side the Missouri in "Battleship 2 V's Godzilla V's alien invaders V's Zombies V's Vampire blah blah blah...

No, when the British attack, she'll submerge, making the British believe they sunk her and then she sails under water to a secret NAZI island in the Carabien where she will make a rocket-start to fly to the seccret NAZI headquarters on Pluto.

On a serious note: I just bought the book of Baron von Mullenheim. It's a great account of one of the survivors of the Bismarck and it's a nice touch to have the German story as well. Well recommended to anyone interested.
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Ben Aflect as Capt. Ernst Lindemann
Tom Sizemore as Winston Churchill
Steven Seagal as The Cook
Tom Cruise as a Fairey Swordfish
Tara Reed as the Sharknado

And introducing, a lump of coal (it can still out act Tom Cruise)
......and a wooden stick, will almost out act Ben Affleck, he'll only get his part after throwing a temper tantrum and showing some puppy eyes...

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