1. Dimlee

    Lancaster at night

    This 20+ years game with mods can produce amazing "movies". To be watched with lights off and speakers on.
  2. CommanderRabbJr

    The Final Countdown

    I like this movie, I always thought of the fights between the Mitsubishi Zero and the F-14 were fun. Even though its not very realistic, I found it fun entertainment. Any others out there like this movie?
  3. G

    P-51 tank busters?

    Has anyone seen the movie "Saving Private Ryan? I just watched it again last night and I noticed near the end of the movie when the Mustangs are flying over shooting up the Germans, Capt. Miller asked what they were. One of his troops says "they're P-51 tank busters, sir." Was this some kind of...
  4. v2

    'Murphy's War'- love this movie...

    The first flight :) View:
  5. Lucky13

    USS Midway CV-41 1971-72 cruise movie..

  6. gumbyk

    Buchon to 109 conversion

    Pacific Fighters are converting one of the BoB movie Buchons to more closely resemble a 109G: Pacific Fighters restores Hispano Buchon as a Messerschmitt Bf-109 for Erickson Collection.
  7. Lucky13

    A new Sink the Bismarck movie...?

    WWII Black List Script ‘Bismarck’ Docks at Universal
  8. syscom3

    Another WW2 airmen survival movie

    I just found out about this movie. Looks good!!!! Against The Sun
  9. Njaco

    What's the name of......?

    Lately I have been downloading movies and TV episodes of my favorite junk and making DVDs out of them. Sometimes I remember a movie but can't remember the name. Hopefully somebody can help me. The first movie or series was about P-39 shuttle flights to Russia. Cool story but I can't remember...
  10. Njaco

    "Battle Of Britain" movie planes for Sale

    Anybody seen this? Platinum Fighter Sales | Warbird and Classic Aircraft For Sale
  11. Njaco


    Any comments on this upcoming movie with Brad Pitt? Looks like they are using an actual Tiger I from the Bovington Museum - only time an actual Tiger tank has been used in a movie. Supposedly takes place in April 1945 and Brad and Co. are supposed to take their tank and save the war. I'm just...
  12. D

    aviation movies to come

    Hi, Not being American, I haven't seen Red Tails.Considering Lucas funded the entire thing himself, I have no idea if Fox will even distribute it worldwide. All rather frustrating. It got me thinking about what I would like to see made into a film. I hear the flying tigers story is in the...
  13. tbfighterpilot

    Red Tails Movie

    I wasn't sure where to put this, but what are people thinking about the new movie about the Tuskegee Airmen? Red Tails RedTailsMovie's Channel - YouTube The Tuskegee Airmen were great at protecting the bombers, but they couldn't keep everything off the heavies. In one trailer someone says...
  14. G

    B-17 'Ready Teddy' w/ crew 1940's Color 8mm film found!

    Video was removed.
  15. Maxrobot1

    Memphis Belle Movie Mockup

    I recall that the B-17 fuselage built for filming the 1991 movie "Memphis Belle" was saved and taken on tour. The last place I heard it went to was Australia. Does anyone know where it is now? This was used for all the interior shots of the crew interacting and was supposed to be completely...