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Aug 17, 2007
I am looking to build a website based on the material I have collected on my fathers Operational Service with 419 Squadron. Content is not a problem. I am looking for direction on user friendly website building software and suggestions for hosting and getting started. Also, any suggestions for organization and subsequent revisions most welcome.


Hard to answer as there are many ways to do this. It all depends on what your plans are and what your content looks like. For textual content, there are many php-based systems, usually with a mysql database backend called CMS. Examples are Joomla, Drupal and the best know one, Wordpress. For a Joomla based website, see the website I made for the Fokker G-1 foundation at www.fokker-g1.nl
These systems are very good for regularly updated content mostly consisting of text. You set a default theme and your content is saved in the database. Each page is rendered on the server side on the fly. Many providers give you an easy way to get started. For all kinds of features you can install plugins as long as you are willing to pay for it. Customizing the page layout to your liking can be difficult, though as they are quite opiniated in my view. Also might be overkill.
If you don't need to create the content that often, or maybe just want to create the whole page at once and don't need any interaction, you might consider the old fashion static site. You'll need a knowledgable person to create it or use one of those old WYSIWYG html editors if they still exist. Advantage is that they are light on the server, so you don't usually need expensive hosting and you have total freedom in styling.

There are all kinds of in-between ways. CMS software that uses markdown files instead of a database for lightweight, simple webpages, another interesting one is a simple wiki (yes, a bit wikipedia like). Many hosting parties also provide simple to use web design software which might fill your bill.

I've only covered half of what is possible, so I think try to write down what you really have in mind, and try to find the right system with it.

You could start out using wordpress for free, if you don't mind a bit of ads on your site and don't have to many requirements. It's on their own website wordpress.com. You'll get a simple Wordpress blogging setup, not your own domain, but a wordpress sub domain. It's reliable, my wife has had such a subscription for years.
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Thanks Marcel. I will send you couple of documents that outline some of my content.


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