Aircraft Identification Thread III

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From Try not to look at the tag.

I doubt anyone'll get it.

PS. Its not a floating condo, it really did fly.
that's Caproni Ca.60 Transaero, i'm wondering how was it possible to think that such monster could be the future of aviation :p


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This pre - ww2 design plane was a scaled-down three-seat prototype proof-of-concept aircraft for a far larger tailless bomber.

Design began in 1934. A glider of similar lines, with a 29 ft. 6½ in. (9.0 m) span made a hundred flights before the prototype was proceeded with. The prototype flew in autumn 1936 and was demonstrated on 18th August 1937, in a garish colour scheme representing a bird. The aircraft was of welded steel-tube construction with fabric covering, and was powered by two 480 hp M-22 radial engines. It featured dummy nose and tail turrets.

Work on the scaled-up prototype disbanded in spring 1938.

The prototype had a 59 ft. 0.66 in. (18 m.) span, a 26 ft. 3 in. (8.0 m.) length and a loaded weight of 9,259 lb. (4200 kg.).

It achieved a maximum speed of 149 mph (240 km/h) at 9,840 ft (3000 m.), and had a range of 435 mls (700 km.).
Looks like some is eager to identified this plane does someone want a hint?


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