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I don't have any favourite aircraft, military or civilian, but as far as airliners go, and in no particular order, I have soft spots for:
Vickers Viscount
Bristol Britannia
Airspeed Ambassador
Douglas DC3
Lockheed Constellation
DH Comet... oh, and the DH Dove !
see the Britannia but don't see the Lancastrian so it would seem to follow you'd prefer the Argus over the Shackleton
Well, as the Lancastrian wasn't really a 'proper' airliner, but a 'civilianised' bomber which, I personally think looked all wrong, it doesn't count! (The York could, but wasn't really attractive!).
Plus, I've never seen a Lancastrian (all scrapped when I was very young), but I have seen/flown in the others!
Ford Trimotor due to the experience of flying once as passenger and once as the co-pilot on short joyrides, but the most beautiful is the Super Connie. The Trimotor experience is like traveling back to the 1920's in a time machine.
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Connie is great and I love the DC2. But what about the old ones, Ford Tri-motor or the Fokker VII. The Fokker F.II is a great a/c as wel, especially in klm livery:
as much of a Boeing fan I am when it comes to today's Jetliners, I honestly like a couple of airbuses. my first airbus love is the A330. looks great in the last NWA markings. the A319 is my fave of the A320 family .as for the THANKS...that's beast compared to the 747-8i...which is beauty :)
My favourite airliner is the L-1011, I used to love the noise of them taking off when myself and my Dad used to go to watch at the airport.

Aer Lingus had 2 for a year or so in the late 80's.
First thing I thought. First airplane I ever rode, too.

Looked just like this:

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Cool necro, cammerjeff cammerjeff .
Thump - I learned something new about 727-200A's today, did you know that Boeing offered a RATO option on them? Only 1 Airline bought the option Mexicana operating out of Hot and High airports. It was only used as an emergency system in case of an engine out situation at gross weight. It allowed them to operate at gross weight in those condition.




I remember my airline blocking off 30+ seats when operating the earlier 727-200 with the lower powered JT8D-7 engines (the 200 Advanced used either JT8D-15 or 17's) out of Denver on hot summer days. It really made customer service a challenge. It was not unusual for the flight to be overbooked by 5-10% So we would have the 10-15 overbooked plus the 30 or so left behind from the blocked seats. I remember trying to non-rev out of the old Stapleton airport, I was trying to get to Detroit, ended up going to Portland, Minneapolis, and then Detroit. Long day, never tried that again in the Summer months!

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