America at the Crossroads

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Apr 14, 2005
niagara falls
Has anyone been watching the Documentary on PBS this past week called America at the Crossroads its been on for 2 hours every night since sunday and continues til this sunday . an amazing documentary well worth watching it covers all aspects pro and con on the war on terrorism .
America at a Crossroads . About the Series | PBS
Watch it what can I say ...watching the guys in Iraq and seeing how hard they are working . Iwatched a raid on a suspected cache and the IRP speaking in Arabic were laughing about the miniscule haul of weapons then stating they knew the big cache was in the mosque but not relaying info to the US troops. It was translated after the raid . Give me the courtesy that it might be a good show
I'm not dissing you Pb. Just tired of the continued bashing of our efforts and no one stepping up to the mark. No offense meant. Apologies.
Which one did you watch the first on thursday about the mindset of Islamic leaders and there lack of flexability or will to change . or the ACLU crap on Friday which I disagree with for the most part although a some points were valid. There were 12 docs in this show by 12 different people about 12 subjects
If you look at the link in the beginning it will explain thare a number of video clips plus its also showing up on You Tube . It was 12 different stories made by 12 different guys if you look at each segment there is about 3 or 4 3 minute clips . From various viewpoints
America at a Crossroads | PBS
Last nigt presented a point of view from an Muslim woman who is "Westernized" (my term). Not a bad docu. Does try to be fair. I haven't watched all week but what I've seen was good.

One piece that got me was the guard following the deceased soldier all the way home to mid west US. Done with alittle grace.
This is the documentary that had the segment thrown out titled "Islam Vs. Islamicists". The director was not a newbie, had a history of making very good docs. This one ended up on the Hill where Congress kicked it around in open hearings last week.

Here's a link:

Producer: PBS dropped 'Islam vs. Islamists' on political grounds

If you google it, you will get a bunch of articles, most of them slanted to the right. This one is more or less balanced. While you have to sign in, it is worth it for the read.
I really hope you guys in the US have the opportunity to the watch the whole ball of wax it was tax money well spent > I thought it was fair all parties were featured without theatrics or sensationalism . The best one was the gangs of Iraq it put into perspective what the coalition troops have to face in Iraq most of what I seen showed excellent troops in a hell of a situation . i can't think of where moderate/right of centre islamist's have much to complain about . They should be proud to even be considered for that series

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