Any firearms enthusiasts here?

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Feb 23, 2005
What guns do you have?

What guns do you want?

Do you hunt, target shoot or just collect?
Well, I have 3 x .177 airguns. 2 of them are Rifles (Dont know the make) and one is a pistol. I want an air rifle of my own, as the ones I use are really my dads. I mainly shoot target but if a bird or other animal is in the vicinity ill have a pop at that too...
Ive got an air rifle and an air pistol, what I really want to use though is my dad's No.4 SMLE :D I used to target shoot at school and was a cadet weapns instructor, but obviously its harder to shoot now Im at uni. Once I've left and settled in the North-West though, I'll take it up again
Heres my premier rifle...sorry for poor pic quality


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Here's mine, not a very good picture.


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What kind of velocity do you guys get with those pieces?

How accurate are they?
What kind of velocity do you guys get with those pieces?

How accurate are they?

I dont know about velocity, but you can make a cup of tea in the time it takes for the pellet to hit a target 100 yards away :lol: Its bloody accurate though.
I don't know what the velocity is, I'm informed on the .177 one it's 1000 feet per second. All I know is that it'll blast a rabbit and tear it's head in two from about 100 yards away and it's almost pin point accuracy.

It'd be pointless having scopes if it wasn't accurate.
I don't have any left but my favorite fire arm that I owned was a 12 bore Damascus barreled shot gun made around 1900 of unknown manufacturer (but I thought it may have been a Parker) a real work of art and a craft that has been lost to gun smiths although not a weapon that took kindly to the proofing tests and could not be used with smokeless powder.
Best gun I ever handled a Holland and Holland double barreled big game rifle. very similar to this one.
Nowadays owning fire arms in the UK even sporting weapons is getting much harder so I gave up some time ago.
As far as Air weapons go the old BSA Airsporter is still a good gun
and the Webley senior or Junior pistols still command quite good prices at the auctions if they are pre war and in good nick.


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Yeah, how was the holiday?

Anyway, as you know, I have a deactivated Mosin Nagant 91/30, but I also have an old 12 gauge fowling piece - (also out of commision)

My dad's mate has a beautiful Martini-Henry MkI rifle which works - in fact, the armourer of these guys -

was staggered when he saw the condition of it in relation to it's age. (1870's) - it has hardly ever been fired. And you don't need a licence for a firearm over 100 years old.

It takes a .450 calibre bullet so if you got shot by one at close range, you'd probably disappear from the top up!
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