Movie and TV firearms

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Whilst watching the Mandalorian i noticed Cara Doone's blaster rifle was obviously based on the BREN but with twin under and over barrel and saddle magazines from an Mg 15

This got me thinking of what other movie and TV weapons are your favourites ?


Some of mine

This from the TV series, the Professionals.
Clearly an early M-16 with a scope, grenade launcher that pretended to be a laser and for some unknown reason an drum magazine from a Thompson smg ? :lol:


E-11 blaster used by imperial storm troopers.
Its basically a British sterling smg, a terrible weapon so no wonder storm troopers were so bad shots

The Imperial Stormtrooper's heavy weapon blaster was a Lewis MG with the drum mag removed.
Another Imperial heavy weapon blaster was a German MG34.
An Imperial battle rifle was based in the StG44 as well as one based on the U.S. M-16 (seen in the Battle if Endor).
Princess Leia's pistol is a Russian Margolin .22 target pistol.

Almost forgot: Boba Fett's blaster was based on a Webley 37mm flare gun.

One of my favorite weapons, though, is the cut down "Mare's Leg" Winchester rifle that Steve McQueen carried in the western show "Wanted: Dead or Alive".
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Dave / Jim
i fotgot about the "imperial lewis gun" will look for that one :lol:

Imperial DLT-9 heavy blaster

leia's blaster


The original M41A pulse rifles used in "Aliens" were made from an M1A1 Thompson and fitted with a cut-down Remington 870 shotgun, with the heat shield and foregrip from a Franchi SPAS-12, plus a bit of rubber and plastic tossed in here and there.

In the movie "Kong: Skull Island" it opens with a scene between a USAAF and a Japanese pilot parachuting down to the island and at once engaging in a gunfight. I was amused to see the Japanese pilot using a Mauser C96. I thought, "What? Nobody in Hollywood had a Nambu pistol available?" But in the book "Fighter Squadron at Guadalcanal" it was revealed that the C96 was one of the favorite handguns of Japanese pilots.

By the way, shooting the C96 is pure pleasure. Loading it without the proper stripper clip is sheer terror. Loading it with the proper stripper clip requires a nice solid workbench in a place with no gunshots to distract you.

The C96 I own was made in 1926.
As some of you know, I'm a costumer with a Star Wars group that primarily attends charity functions, especially for children. Of course, we like to attend Sci-Fi and Comic-Cons, too.

So I have a collection of weapons associated with the several character costumes I own.

One of which, is the DL-44 Blaster, issued to the TIE Pilots. Han Solo is best known for carrying it and he came into possession of it because he attended the Imperial Navy Academy to become a TIE Pilot himself.


One of the interesting features of the DL-44, which is based on the Mauser C96, is the scope, which happens to be an M19 tank scope from an M4 Sherman (mounted backwards).

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